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I Have To Choose Between My Dignity And My Daughter’s Well-being

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Six years of marriage. One child. I am still living in a single room. My mother-in-law is not on talking terms with me because I refused to live the life of a maid. My father-in-law treats me like an intangible object.

My husband, after 11 years of courtship and six years of marriage, thinks he has the liberty to take me for granted.

He disregards almost all my demands, whether big or small. The mere basics are provided to me but that too only neck to mouth. I am an MBA graduate, with seven years of experience in a leading company with a five-figure salary and I gave it all up just because of the reasons mentioned above.

Is this really the ideal life scenario for a woman? Is this what a girl dreams of, all her life?

I am still trying to comprehend, why things are the way they are. Why does one have to stay put in a rut of a life? Just because I love my husband, or I don’t want my baby to be deprived of her grandparents’ love, which is barely showered on her anyway? Or because I don’t want her to be deprived of her father’s love, who only complains about the habits of his five-year-old daughter? I am still trying to find my answers and figure out how I can continue to bear this marriage. Sacrifices are a part of everybody’s life but sacrificing everything a woman has, along with her dignity, freedom and identity, is way too much to ask.

I don’t know how, if ever, would I be a role model for my daughter when I can't even take a stand for myself. Either she will be one of them and treat me the same way or she will end up being like me, which I don't want.

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