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I Had To Struggle To Hide My Grin When I Saw Him

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It was Ugadhi, the 28th of March. I was officially a Bangalorian, for more than a month. Just as any other day in my new city, I woke up in the morning and stretched. Except that this time, I had a smile on my face. I’m not even sure why… I think it was almost like in the movies when you just know that the day is going to be a great one.

There’s a beautiful small garden near my house, and I love to begin my day with a jog there. I enjoy the refreshing breath of air that I get there, amidst the pollution of the city. That and of course, the gorgeous men that indulge their fitness goals. All of this definitely makes it a colorful way to start the day!

Who said girls don’t “birdwatch”, right?

On this drowsy morning, I rushed off to the park and on the way, stopped to watch as locals were getting ready for Ugadhi. The excitement was in the air, and it was contagious. Everyone around me was smiling.

And just as I was about to enter the park, a car came in from the opposite side and parked right in front of me. I glanced at the number plate and smiled. It read, TN…

This may sound weird, but when you’re in a new city, just hearing someone speak your language, or even noticing a car registration… it has the ability to make you feel, at home.

So when I saw the registration plate, I almost didn’t look up to see the guy walking out of the car. As he passed me by, he towered above me. He was tall, athletic, fair and clean-shaven. As I walked over, I tried to wipe the huge grin off my face.

My vision and head cleared, thankfully, as I crossed the road and made my way to the park. As I began, jogging, I heard someone jogging behind me and a blur of red crossing me. The guy from the other side of the road! It intrigued me, a red t-shirt with an Emirates logo printed on it, possibly red shorts and the brightest fluorescent red shoes I’ve ever seen!

I began wondering if I should ask him about where he got those shoes, but almost laughed as I thought about how I was going to talk to him. I’ve never been one to talk to a stranger, let alone a guy to discuss his shoes! And it was just at this time, that I felt a pair of eyes on me. I looked to my side, and saw that he was staring right at me!

I’ve read about butterflies in one’s stomach, but the experience of it happening as I ran, I felt a swarm of them inside of me and all around me! If it could be possible, my smile grew wider and I could feel my face turning bright red.

After a few more of these secret glances shared with him, I almost wanted to talk to him, or say… something. But of course, that was going to take me a very, very long time to do. Much later, as I was deep in meditation, well, trying to be, I realized that through my entire routine, I just couldn’t get that face, or his eyes out of my mind!

I tried so much to concentrate, but all I could see was his face. And all I could do was smile.


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