I Had The Good Sense To Move On Before My Ex Came Back To Me Crying

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 18 October, 2018

After some really long days of misunderstandings, my (ex) boyfriend and I decided to break up. When I told him this, he was not giving it much attention. Slowly I started moving away, though we were in contact sometimes. As I graduated and moved on to my new job, I forgot the customary meeting up and the regular texts. I met this amazing person, with whom I struck an immediate chord the moment I saw him. All that had to be silenced because he was my client.

After finishing with the work, like all crushes, he also vanished.

One fine day, Facebook came up with his name in the friends suggestion page and it took me ounces of courage to send him a request. He immediately accepted and we started texting, and later exchanged our phone numbers too. As he was staying in another city, we rarely met.

As days passed by, we got comfortable with each other, so much that we realized we are actually made for each other.

He made sure he spent enough time talking to me because that was the only way we could keep the distance factor out. After about a year, he shifted his base to my city and (yes!) we had so much fun.

Once after a tiring day at work, we met for coffee and when we were about to leave, my ex was there crying. Yes! Crying, and asking me not to leave him.

The person who didn't bother when I told him I wanted to leave was there now. I was shocked and surprised. A group of people gathered and they asked me to tell him I don't love him. I really didn't know what to say. I was stuck. I didn't have the audacity to tell him I didn't love him at all. Neither could I say I love him. My past just flashed before me. My ex and my current boyfriend were standing opposite each other. If I say no I didn't love you, the entire youth that I spent on him would go waste. If I said yes I love you, my present will appear to be a lie!

In all the dilemma I had, I opened my mouth and said no I didn't love you.

I know how much of pain it would have given my ex. But never compromise on your well-being, happiness and self-respect. At least, not for the sake of guilt from the past. To accept and move on is indeed the highest form of courage.

P.S. My boyfriend who was seeing all this, totally stood by me and said past is past.
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