I Had A Beautiful Married Life Until My In-laws Decided To Ruin It For Me

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 14 June, 2017

As a girl I had always dreamt of getting married. After my 12th standard exams I had to take up a job to support my family. Being the eldest among two sisters I supported my family both financially and emotionally. 

In the Indian society people usually have misconceptions regarding a girl getting out of the house and working. It was the 7th year of my work life in the same company when my parents asked me to get my profile registered on a matrimonial site and I agreed as it was my dream anyway.

Within 7 days of registering my profile, we got a call from my in-laws. Our parents talked over the phone. At that time my husband was abroad for some official work but we connected over social media. We used to chat often. When he came back he called me and fixed a day for us to meet.

As we were not staying in the same city, my family was unsure of the guy. However, I gathered my confidence and went to meet him.

He was so nice and well behaved that I fell for him in the first meeting. After spending a day with me, he went back home. My parents were anxious and wanted to know each and every thing about him. I explained calmly. My father asked me whether I was ready to take the big step or not, and my answer was positive. So was his. 

Now it was time for our parents to meet and decide. My parents wanted to see their house and my husband's workplace. They saw everything and decided to get us engaged. The wedding was fixed for 7 months later.

After a long wait, the big day finally arrived. It was great because everybody including my friends, relatives and extended family joined us in the celebrations. After all, it was what I wanted since I was a child. After the wedding, we flew to my sasural. It was a complete life changing experience for us. I was terrified.


My in-laws were so nice that I wanted to pinch myself. My husband was really my prince charming. After one month of our marriage, we went for our honeymoon.

The story begins after we came back from our honeymoon. I noticed that my mother-in-law had problems with anything and everything that my husband and I did together. According to her, we shouldn’t be that happy. I was confused and shocked at the same time.

She would make a face whenever my husband and I laughed together or even cracked a joke. My mother-in-law kept bitching about her husband and her daughter. It was a horrible experience for me.

There was so much negativity in the house. I didn’t want to come out of my room because I feared someone might say something. I was mentally sick. I used to get nightmares. On the other hand, my husband is so supportive. He always used to console me. But he wasn’t home half the time and I had to face everything at home alone. I used to wait for him to come back home. Life was miserable. 

Then the day arrived, the day came that every woman waits for after marriage. I was vomiting continuously and was having morning sickness. I was pregnant; that too with a pair of twins. 

We were more than happy and called everybody. It was a moment of joy. After coming back from the clinic, my in-laws didn't ask us anything which broke my husband's heart. Being the only son, he thought that his parents would be excited. Days passed by and the negativity in that house only kept increasing.

My in-laws fought like hell which was unbearable for me at that stage. Everything was my fault according to them. Soon I began to think that maybe I was the one who was wrong.

Soon my sister-in-law arrived; she was my guiding angel. She supported me with everything; she would call me everyday, heard me out, calmed me down and soon we became the best of friends.

Soon me and my husband decided to leave the house. We moved in with my sister-law. I laughed wholeheartedly after months. Then, I gave birth to my kids (a son and a daughter). Till today I remember each and everything about that house. Till today my in-laws interfere in my life sometimes but I don’t react any longer. Yes, life is beautiful again.

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