I Got Out Of An Abusive Relationship Only To Be Tortured Further

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 9 October, 2017

The first day of my college was very exciting. I had worked hard for two years to get into this university. It had a beautiful campus. Then one day I met a guy, he was my classmate and things were going smoothly between us and soon he became my close friend. We followed the usual late-night talks and chats. The funny thing is that he proposed to me right before our exams, and I was more than happy to say yes.

For six months, we were both quite happy but then everything started to fall apart. It was not because he had started liking someone else, but because he had started treating me like I meant nothing to him.

He wouldn’t call me or text me or tell me where he was. When I would question him regarding his whereabouts, he would ask me why I need to call him so many times and would tell me that I don’t have common sense. One night, he left me on the road just because I started to cry and then he continued to avoid me but wouldn’t let me go. All of this had become a burden on me and he had started to put me through mental torture. I couldn’t take it anymore.

The last straw was when I had an accident and he didn’t even call me to ask if I was okay. What kind of love is that?

I broke up with him and the real ugliness started after the breakup. I never knew that I loved a person who was so shallow. He started to torture me further – he would like, comment and post about me on social media. He did as he liked again and there were no limits to this abuse. For the two years that I was with him, I had thought that he was a very good person but I never realized that he used me only for money. I loved this guy with all my heart even though he wasn’t financially strong. When everyone objected after our breakup, college became equivalent to hell.

Even my friends had started supporting him because I was the one who had ended the relationship.

I don’t get why they think they are the ones who will decide whom I should spend my life with. In the midst of all this mess, I met a guy who understood the torture I was going through. I was happy then but my ex could not tolerate my happiness and decided to crush it. Till today, I suffer because of him. He abused me to the extent that I even wanted to kill myself but the only reason I did not do this was because of my mother who has always supported me.

Author's Note:

Dear Ex, if you are reading this, I know that you will recognize me and understand that it was indeed you who did this to me. I hope that one day you realize how much you abused me and I have now decided to get married to the person who felt my pain and has been with me throughout.

Editor's Note:

Please don't ruin people in the name of love. In movies, it all looks glorified in those two hours to watch a love so intense that it could destroy you. People call it art for a reason, such behaviour is not cool in reality. Share this if you have been through an ugly breakup or know people who have.