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I Got An Abortion Because Of Him Just So He Could Shamelessly Abandon Me

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I'm a dentist settled in Mumbai and am currently pursuing my Masters. I had a very beautiful relationship with the so-called love of my life.

It lasted just for a year and a half but he was my first boyfriend.

We became friends through Facebook. He had sent me several friend requests, which I’d rejected for the first few times, as I wasn’t interested in speaking to any random guy.

My focus was solely on my career and family as I had decided to have an arrange marriage. But somehow, I started talking to this guy and before I could even  realize it; I was in love with him.

It felt like he was ‘the one’ I’d been waiting for.

After talking for a few months, we decided to meet in person. On the chosen day, I waited for him for an hour and a half but he didn't turn up. I thought that our meeting meant nothing to him and I gave up on him. Apparently, he had overslept and so he failed to meet me. He called me up as soon as I reached home.

After almost 250 unanswered calls and over 50 texts, I picked a call from an unknown number. It was him! After much coaxing, I finally agreed to meet him. We met for a few minutes and went for a short drive. That’s when he confessed that he liked me.

We met again on the same day and expressed our love for each other. Everything seemed to have moved so fast! Soon, we started meeting everyday. He was pursuing his Masters in Radiology but despite his busy schedule, he would make time for me. I really loved those days!

Long warm hugs and the feeling of that first kiss made me believe that fairy tales did exist.

He openly told me everything about his past, how he had multiple flings and had also got a girl pregnant twice. I admired his honesty and decided to forget everything about his past and be with him.

Time passed by and he kept promising that we’d get married soon. I told him to make our relationship official by informing both our parents because I come from a family where making love before marriage is a sin. But he ignored me.

I thought that he needed more time but in the meanwhile, I was falling deeper and deeper in love with him.

We even made love several times. He made me feel so amazing, as it was my first time for all these things.

Later, by God's grace I too got admission in a PG course in Mumbai. Everyone was very happy including him. We started meeting frequently at his place and made love even more often. We would have sex almost thrice a week.

Every time he’d tell me that we would get married soon and that his mom knew everything about our relationship.

Like a fool, I believed him!

One day, when he was extremely drunk, I randomly checked his cell and realized that he had been cheating one me! I was broken and didn’t say a single word to him. I immediately left his place with tears rolling down my cheeks.

He kept calling me till eventually, I blocked him. He then asked his sister to speak to me. He got high and threatened to kill himself.

My heart melted and I was back to trusting him.

Things went fine for a few months till my dad started looking for a prospective groom for me. I told my boyfriend about it. To my bad luck, he was diagnosed with tuberculosis at the same time. I felt so helpless.

He bluntly told me that he was not interested in marrying me and he easily blocked me from everywhere.

I was devastated. Initially I thought that my timing was inappropriate so I tried calling him from various numbers to check on his health. He blocked my number for an entire month only because I’d asked him for commitment. And like a fool, I kept calling him from my colleagues' phones just to ask about his health.

After about a month, we met and he said that he would speak to my parents, when the time was right. I fell for his words yet again! We were together for a few days, till he dumped me again on February 5, 2017.

I was heartbroken and tried to speak to him but he stopped responding to my calls. I remember it was February 13, I’d been crying for over two hours and begging him in front of his friends to not leave me as he was my first love. But he kept pushing me away.

He said that he hated me and even abused me in front of his friends.

I felt extremely bad and left from there.

Another month passed by. I missed my periods and was extremely scared at the thought of being pregnant. I immediately called him from a public phone. He called me to his college to get the tests done and talk.

But when he got to know that I wasn’t pregnant, he threw me out!

I still tried to call him because after all, he was the love of my life, the only guy I’d ever slept with. During all this time, he called me multiple times to have sex and I went happily thinking that he still loved me. And then I got pregnant for real.

I told him that I didn’t want to abort the child. But he emotionally blackmailed me by saying that he loved me and wanted to marry me and so I should abort this child. I was 9 weeks pregnant and was adamant on keeping the baby.

He managed to fool me with his sweet words and we got the baby aborted.

He showered me with love during this abortion period. I thought that he had really changed. I told him to inform his parents about us but he kept saying that his mother was very strict and wouldn’t accept me as we belonged to different castes.

I didn’t believe him, so I directly went to meet his mother and ask her about us. His mother didn’t know a single thing about us. She never even knew that we were dating!

I was taken aback. I told her everything; how he got me pregnant and fooled me into aborting the baby and about his ex, who was also pregnant when he dumped her.

I told his mother that he just wanted sex and kept using girls for it!

His mom understood her son’s shameful nature. I was shocked to see that a guy could lie so much! I left his house requesting his mom to stop him from playing with the feelings of other girls like he did with me.

It has been months since we last spoke but I still drink and cry every single day. I don't even remember the last time I slept. I keep thinking about all the false promises he made.

I can't forget him, as he was the only guy I’d ever been with. Nor can I forgive myself for killing my child because of him!

I will never be able to trust anyone again.

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