I Gave Up On Everything For Him To Receive This Useless Comment In Return

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 15 September, 2017

I am a software engineer and I always try to make my loved ones happy even if I am sad.

I had a boyfriend who was also a software engineer. We both were made for each other. He loved me madly and he cared for me always. We both were very serious about our relationship. He even convinced his parents for marriage. But when it was my turn, I failed. My parents didn't accept him.

My family is a very traditional and they think being in Love is a crime. So as expected they forced me to marry a guy of their choice. With all their emotional drama, they finally succeeded in that. Being from rich family I got married to a middle class guy, but that was not at all my concern. I never had high expectations about my life partner.


What bothered me was, I cheated on the guy who had such high hopes from me, that was disturbing me a lot. But I was not in a position to go against my parents, so I left my job and accepted that marriage and shifted to my husband's place which was in a small city. My husband was a businessman and his family was big. His parents, 2 older brothers and their wives and a younger sister. I had always dreamt of being a part of such a big family. However, I found out that they had some family disputes going on.

When we started our married life, I was feeling very bad about the family. Even though they were not good to each other, they treated me very well. They were all good people individually and so I decided to clear their misunderstandings. I spoke well about everyone and somehow managed to get them all together.

Just 6 months after our marriage, we were spending time together as a family, going for dinners, watching movies and going for picnics. My in-laws thanked me for what I had done. Everything was fine between me and my husband but his business was not doing well. We weren’t making profits because we were staying in a small city so I suggested moving to a bigger city. The response was shocking.

My husband told me he can't shift to a big city because he won't feel comfortable there and he is not interested also. And my in-laws told me they don’t want us to shift because if they require any financial help then my husband cannot help immediately. My husband even went on to say that I am asking him to move because of my selfish reasons. I want to chill with friends, go out, shop and small city isn’t working for me.
Author's Note:

I couldn’t believe the same people who showered me with so much love were now saying all this? Should I be fighting for myself as well or just sacrifice my happiness yet again?