I Finally Realised That I Can Never Be My Father's 'Good Girl' And It's Okay

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 13 August, 2017

Being a talkative and an active child, I was always threatened by my parents. Especially my father often said that if I talked too much, he would kick me out of the house. I developed a fear of my father, at an early age of 4 or 5 years.

I was continuously being compared to other girls who were good at studies and talked lesser. I was not a very good student but knew my way out and was very clear about my future.

Being constantly compared to others, I stopped focusing on myself and started trying to be my father's 'Good girl' where I was into so much pressure that it affected my studies

I ignored everything and just wanted to finish school to get a job. The situation also turned worse where I dropped out of my college and started working. Now I do have a job which pays me good enough to take care of myself.

I am in my 30's, stuck in a boring job and just doing my duties as a doting daughter to make my parents happy. They still complain. They are still not happy. When I look back, when I stalk those ‘Good girls’ over social media I find them happy, doing a job of their choice, travelling across the world because their parents were supportive. They were never jealous about others. They had a normal childhood and a normal life.

Author's Note:

I will like to request all the parents to stop threatening your child. Let them be what they are. They will be happy and lead a happy life in future. Please do not let your dreams die for the sake of your duties. Making everyone happy will leave you nowhere.

Editor's Note:

Share this story because no other daughter must be made to feel like she is never good enough.