I Fell In Love With An 18-Year-Old When I Was 24 And He Was Ashamed Of It All

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 22 August, 2017

"He is 18 and you are 24....Are you out of your mind?" exclaimed my friend.

I completed my post graduation and moved to Delhi for a job. After a number of failed attempts, I found a decent PG. Things were panning out quite nicely and my work was very engaging. Until one fine day, I met this boy, Arjun, my landlord's son.

He was in his high school back then. He was decent looking, well-built and a face you could never miss. He had caught my attention the first day but I refrained from having any conversation. And then one weekend, I was having my evening tea when he walked up to join me. That's when we started to get to know each other.


We had exchanged our phone numbers and day after day we started to get closer to each other. One fine day, I confessed that I was a survivor of a gang rape. I had shared the burden that I was carrying for 3 years. After this, he started to take care of me like nobody else would do. He would wait for me to get back from office.

He would find ways to bring a smile on my face. He was too matured and understanding for his age. On my birthday, he had confessed that he loved me and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. This shook me. I refused to acknowledge this feeling and constantly kept telling him that I was too old for him and it will not be easy to accept a relation like ours.

But he was persistent, to such a level, that he inked my name on his hand for my birthday. I had no words, I wept that night not understanding how I should respond to this gesture of his. I tried keeping myself away from him. I stopped talking to him for a few days but he did not leave. He kept leaving notes on my bed, in my cupboard and where not. My roommates were surprised to see him being so insistent. And one night, he just kissed me. And that was the day I melted.

I gave in to his feelings and loved him with all my heart.

Things were going well for a few months, until reality struck me hard. After 3 months of accepting his proposal, he suddenly walked up to me and said...."Anamika, I want to date hot girls, whom I can show off. You are not a show-off material. You will always be the one for me, but I will date others so that I don't miss anything in life"

These words were a shock to me. I couldn't believe my ears. I thought he was kidding at that point of time. But a few days later, I see a girl with him on his bike. She was his girlfriend. He started to date this girl and they had crossed all levels of intimacy one could share. And he did this in front of me. I was shattered. I couldn't believe that a guy who had inked my name just so that I accept his love, is now with another girl.

This girlfriend of his, being on the dominant side, had issues with me.

So Arjun had introduced me as his sister. Yes...SISTER. The sanctity of my relationship ended there. I tried explaining that I was not okay with his relationship. I pleaded him to stop. But he didn't. Instead he started to verbally and physically abuse me.

This went on for 4 months. And then I called it quits. I couldn't take it anymore. I was shattered to even stay in that house. I was not able to concentrate on my work. Every moment, all I thought about was him. That's when I decided to quit my job and go back home. I told my mother everything. She understood my feelings and stood beside me.


Even when I was leaving the city, he had no time to spare for me. His girlfriend was his world, because she was all he wanted - hot, rich, sophisticated - someone he could proudly call his girlfriend. I was a simple girl with honest feelings. He left me for her and it did not go well with me. I was depressed. I believed him and he broke my trust.

He didn't think twice what he was doing to me. He found me clingy and cheap because I was going after him, despite him having a girlfriend. I wish I had not met him at all. I would have saved myself so much pain and trauma. Today I moved in my parents, I have started a new job.

The memories with him still haunt me, because it’s something I have not been able to forget. I had cared for him and gave him all that I could. I turned out to be a bitch for him, a pain in his life. I chose to walk out in silence. One thing that I would insist on is don't ever let your soft side reach your partner unless you receive a commitment. You never know how things would change and you will be the loser at the end.