I Didn't Know I Could Fall In Love With Someone Until I Met Him: I Don't Know If I Regret It

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 1 June, 2017

I was an independent girl who had big dreams for herself. My family and my work were my world, until… I met him!

I didn't know I too had these feelings inside of me - longing for someone’s attention, craving for someone’s love. It was like my mind didn’t even realise when and how my heart started beating for him.

Why couldn’t I just stop thinking about him? Why couldn’t I stop thinking about a complete stranger? Oh, it confused my head and pulled at my heart strings. I thought we were just friends, but our connection felt oddly special. Why did a smile linger on my face every time I spoke with him? What was this happiness that flowed through me when he was near me? How could I trust him, so deeply?


The unknown was becoming the known to me. His words, his dreams, our little fights – all of them mesmerized me. They say every person we meet in life, has a reason for meeting us.

I am constantly searching for the reason why you stepped into my life. Many times I wonder if finding you was a mistake. My mind replies yes, but my heart absolutely refuses to believe it and these days, they keep fighting with each other, all the time.

But secretly, I hope my heart wins. Though I know not all wishes come true and not all love stories end on a happy note.

I am waiting for the beginning of a new story, our story, fervently wishing that finding you doesn’t turn out to be a mistake. I don’t want to make you my favourite mistake. Not you.