I Broke Up With Him, And This Was My Punishment

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 25 November, 2017

I belong to an upper-middle-class family. My dad was strict but he loved us a lot.

At that time, we didn't even think about boys because studies and career were the only priority for us.

I saw him during my first year of college. He lived close to my place.

I was attracted towards him but I can’t call it love.

I tried contacting him through various means and at last, I got his number. I started talking to him. Earlier we would talk for barely 5 or 10 minutes but our conversations grew to hours and more.

After about a week, he offered me a lift to my college. I agreed. 2 or 3 meetings later, he confessed that he loved me but I was unsure because according to me, it was too early to develop such feelings. It was only an attraction and I knew it.

In fact, I made it clear to him that it wasn’t love and I just wanted a genuine friendship.

Pretending to be a nice guy, he agreed. I was impressed with the way he responded.

We started meeting each other frequently. Sometimes, he dropped me at my college and at other times, we met in public places whenever we had the time. This went on for a year.

Then I got my results and unfortunately, I had failed in one subject even though I was good in studies. I was devastated.

I shared this with him but he was not good in studies and he didn’t understand my situation. I decided to part ways with him because having a good career was my dad's priority.

I’d never made any future plans with this guy and had told him in the beginning that I could never take things forward.

We separated and my family also shifted to a new place. I stopped all contact with him and that hurt his ego.

After a month, my dad got a call. The guy on the other side started talking rubbish about me. My dad disconnected the call and asked me about the guy.

I clearly told him that I had no idea. When I enquired about the number, I realized it was him. I confronted him but he denied it.

He even warned me that no matter what I did, he wouldn’t let me live in peace.

I was shocked. When he begged me to meet him, I agreed. We met in a restaurant and suddenly; he raised his hand on me. He blocked my way and didn’t allow me to leave. I kept begging him.

There were not many people in the restaurant so I couldn't get any help. After about an hour and a lot of efforts, I was able to run out. He started following me everywhere; my home, my college, even my bus stop.

I couldn't tell anyone in my family because it was my fault that I befriended him.

One night, when I was coming out of my house, I saw a paper pasted on my society gate. There was something on the paper with my name and number on it. I was scared.

Many such papers were scattered all over my society. My family was also shocked. I cried and even thought of committing suicide but my family supported me. This incident happened thrice.

He did everything to ruin my image.

I got engaged to someone else and he got to know about that too. He went to my fiancé’s house and told him everything about our relationship. Thankfully, my fiancé was mature enough and warned him to stay away from us.

My dad also decided to go this guy’s place. He told his father everything that his son had done. His father folded his hands and begged my father to not file any complaints. Finally, that horrific story ended.


Later, I got to know that he was married and I felt relieved. Now I am happily married with two children.

I don’t ever want to see that face again, which made my life hell once.
Editor's Note:

Share this story because jilted lovers can do scary things to harm you. It is important to tell your loved ones rather and not fight such situations alone.