I Am Just 24 So I Will Not Apologize For Chasing My Dreams Instead Of Getting Married

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 30 April, 2018

Yes, I am 24 now. Being 24 years old, I have my own perspective, my own way to look at things. I am a little introspective, independent and sometimes adamant. People who are now in their 30s definitely know how difficult it was to cross their twenties. My dear peers who are sailing with me now, here comes the real challenge. How are we going to cross this phase of life successfully? Like superheroes, we are not given any serious tasks where we have to fight for the World. No sword fights, laser attacks, nothing of that sort. Fact is, we have to fight for ourselves. We have to fight the world for ourselves, for letting us be, for allowing us to be as we will, and we are all alone in this fight.

But you really don’t need a superhero or Wonder Woman to fight your odds. You are built to fight for yourself! Don’t give up. Who am I to say this? As mentioned earlier, I am one of you, starving in search of my identity, just like you are.

If you ask me where my happiness lies. I would laugh out loud like a mad human. Happiness isn't fixative like anger or frustration, to sit beside you like a close acquaintance all day. Well, my post may confuse you, what exactly I am trying to convey. But someone of my age will understand this uncertainty completely. My family always has that proud feeling because of what I am today. They feel happy because their daughter is working in a reputed media house, earning good sum to fill her pockets. She has a 10-6 shift, carries a compact tiffin box and travels via regular auto rides. Sounds safe enough, doesn’t it? And yeah, most importantly, my office is just a matter of 10 mins away from my Residence. Wow! What else would a girl of 24 need in this perilous society where even a 3-year-old gets raped? We have nobody to even blame. Coming back to the topic, is that all a girl wants? A safe job? Where she can hide behind her cubicle and be content because she won’t be raped? A few people would comment saying that I am lucky. I am sick of hearing it! Safety is important, no denying the fact but will you let the single concept of “safety” ruin your dreams? I Want to say this to my Dad:

Dad, I am not against you or your thoughts. I know you just made up your mind, and changed yourself so much for my sake and I always be grateful to you for trusting me.

You are even more proud to say that I am the first one who stepped out to run after my dreams. But one simple question for you, if your daughter’s safety is your prime concern then do you really think that the 10-minute ride from office to home or vice versa is really safe? One thing I want to tell you, people, I am not happy. This is not my cup of tea or milkshake or whatever! Safety neither brings in happiness nor satisfaction. You have never differentiated with me or my thoughts by saying that a girl shouldn't do this but you always tried to change my mind by saying this is not my cup of tea. You cherish the feeling of satisfaction you get it every time you get me something I have never asked for. But I was not happy with that life. I have dreams, remember that I don't want to run away with my boyfriend but I want to run after my dreams. Gender doesn't matter. All you need is a dream, a vision of what you want to be. Being born as a boy or a girl wasn't my decision, but I can decide what I want to be and do with my life. I won’t blame the generation gap we have in between us.

Fine yes, that's partially true but still even if I were your elder daughter, born in mid-80s, I would have definitely been the same mischievous, troublesome kid who always invited trouble for herself. But relax, I assure you I won’t invite big troubles
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