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I Am A 30-Something Single Woman And It Does Not Mean I'm Older, It Means I'm Stronger

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I am in my thirties, that doesn’t mean I am getting older, that means I am getting stronger.

I am in my thirties and people ask me how come I did not get married. I don’t understand what marriage has to do with my age? People ask, “You don’t like or want kids?” What if I don’t like kids, or like kids but only others'. I have to carry a baby inside me, it should be my decision whole and sole.

If I say I don’t want a baby, that doesn’t prove that I'm insensitive or cruel. It just means that I am giving my opinion.

I am in my thirties and yes I do feel like having someone to cuddle with. I do have hormones flowing inside me. But I don’t need to get married to have sex with someone. I have lots of things to do in life. Getting to be physical is not a big deal nowadays.

I can get anyone to sleep with and I will also not have to cook food everyday for him and his parents or do things to satisfy his ego.

I am in my thirties and yes I want someone to love me for who I am and respect me and my decisions and freedom. I have been independent in my life, I am used to my space and I do love being with myself. Anyone can’t expect me to just leave my life and change for someone else. I might change but only if I wish to, not because of someone else.

I have been alone 30 years and can also live alone for 30 more years happily.
I am in my thirties and I am strong enough.

I am in my thirties and that doesn’t mean I am rigid. If I am saying something or am firm at my point, it just means I do understand what is right or wrong and am ready to face the consequences whatever it may be. That doesn’t make me rigid, it only means I am strong. Before this I had no idea about things and anyone could woo me.

I am in my thirties and I have too many criteria to marry a boy. "You have to compromise and won’t get a boy." I am mature enough to know that life is all about compromises, however, I also have learnt that there are certain sets of compromises an individual can make in his or her life. I know with whom I can spend my life with. Not only rich boy, settled, handsome will attract me. He has to be intelligent and humorous and should connect with me.

Having a good conversation and comfort matters more than a savings in his bank or number of digits on his salary slip.

I am in my thirties and your "I Love You" won’t be enough. Only words don't matter to us now, but actions do. And we can say what we feel right at your face bluntly. Your sentimental dialogues won’t matter to us. We know when it's fake.

This doesn’t make us heartless, it just means that we have brains and we do use it.

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