I Am 4 Months Pregnant And How My Mother-In-Law Treats Me Makes Me Miss My Mother Terribly

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 1 July, 2017

I was born in a middle class family, where I am the elder child, and have a younger brother. Being the daughter of the family, I was given everything I wanted to have. Though my relatives and friends never gave us much importance because of money. My mother was an angel, she loved us both, sacrificed a lot of things which we never got to hear about. For me as a girl, she was my best friend, I used to share everything with her, and she used to protect me from every possible danger.

My father lived in Kuwait for his work. He was an innocent and hardworking man, and people would take advantage of his kindness. He lost his job due to this, and returned back to India. We started having financial problems, and the way our relatives treated us was painful, but because of my mother, we made though all the problems.

One day, she suddenly started developing some skin rashes and tongue blisters, she got admitted in a hospital where she was diagnosed with pimpghus vulgaris, and she passed away. I had completed my graduation by then, and my brother was in 12th grade.


Two years later, my father passed away from a heart stroke. Now my brother and I were left alone to face this cruel world. My uncle who is my mother's brother, and his wife who is my father's sister, forced us to stay with them. We used to pay rent and started living with them.

Soon, my brother and I saved money and stood up on our feet, he had become my world, my supportive wall.

I started getting marriage proposals, and my relatives brought a family which was not asking for dowry. I thought, if I get married to someone, my brother and I will have a family at last, and hence, I agreed.

Our families met, and my mother-in-law told me that she will be just like my mother, my fiancé seemed to be a supportive man too, and I was happy that I had found a nice family. Soon after the marriage, my mother-in-law started dominating me. She started showing her true colours after a month of marriage, she would abuse me all day, and my husband, unable to listen to whatever she used to say, would leave the room. It was me who had to listen to all her drama.


Once I fell down and fractured my leg. She took care of me, but didn’t let me meet my family for some reason. My brother came to meet me and she scolded him harshly, I was hurt. Gradually, she started showing hatred towards my brother, and as a result, we had to stop meeting each other.

After I recovered, I asked my husband to move out of the house. He had suggested the same once, as his mother used to spoil everyone’s mood on the tiniest of things. My mother-in-law was furious on this decision. She blamed me for taking her only son away from her. She stopped talking to us, and we led a happy life away from her. those days were like paradise for us.

Soon, she began talking to us again. She started visiting us, brought gifts for us, and sometimes asked us to stay at her place for some days and we happily agreed. Not much later, she started talking to my husband for long hours on the phone, even at night when he was supposed to be sleeping, he used to talk to her. This didn’t feel good.

After our one year anniversary, she started abusing me again because I had not given her a grandchild yet. People used to taunt me at family functions too, and this troubled me a lot. Finally, one day, the pregnancy kit showed positive result, and according to my mother-in-law’s desire, I started living with her.

I am four months pregnant now, very weak, dislike some smells, crave for particular foods, and she ignores me. Right now, I wish my mother was here with me. I have never missed her more.