How It Feels To Be In Love With The Man Who Ruined Your Life

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 8 April, 2017

Every Girl has the right to fall in love, but with the right person. No one is perfect, agreed! But he should not be the wrong one either.

This girl named Ananya (name changed) was an innocent and studious girl in her school days. She had a very clear view of her life, and did extraordinarily well in academics as well as co-curriculum! But who knew, her life would change. There came a guy in her life, Nikhil (name changed), who fell in love with her. Both took time to make promises to each other. Luckily, they were able to get into a relationship soon enough, and the whole world came together to make them fall in love.

They were happily committed for a good one and a half year, and then the day came when Nikhil was so frustrated with his girlfriend that he wanted to get rid of her.

He found loads of reasons to break up, but their love didn’t allow him to do that. He came to her one day, and blamed her for everything that was going wrong in his life, they both fought for a while and the guy broke up. The next three months were a nightmare for both of them. Both ignored each other, tried to escape their feelings, did every possible thing to stay away from each other, but could not. The broken hearts wanted to complete each other again.

Slowly and steadily they patched up. Life seemed to be a magical world again. Everything seemed nice! They thought it to be the best union, one that could last forever. They took new vows, and promised each other that come what may, they would never leave each other. However, 3 months were enough for Nikhil to ruin Ananya’s life. He made her life hell.

Ananya’s career was at stake. She suffered from a deadly disease as well. Many medical problems stuck by her like leeches. She tried to stay strong. She loved Nikhil a lot, but he didn’t leave a chance to insult her. Ananya’s dedication to save their relationship was ultimate.

Even after being physically tortured, mentally abused and publicly insulted, she tried to convince him to stay with her, at least till the time she was hospitalised.

His ego, attitude and carefree behaviour refused to do that. He left her in pain, just because he wanted to stay single. Every time she asked why he came back to her if he didn't like relationships anymore, his only answer was to “take revenge”!

He never made her his priority. For him, his friends, night outs and smoking were priority. Ananya was just a toy he had committed to, to have fun with, just to play with her feelings. She had already told him in advance that this time she won’t be able to handle this break up. But, he appeared to be cold, emotionless.

Ananya went into depression. She was sad, depressed and hurt; and the only remedy for her illness was his love.

Love was a big thing in her life, he didn’t even go to check on her once, whether she was dead or alive! This made her feel more hurt, she was shattered. Meanwhile, Nikhil and his friend decided to meet Ananya and her friend, to get things sorted to come to a solution. Her friend warned her, that this would only give her more pain, nothing else, because she knew that Nikhil was going to end it now.

Ananya's hope convinced her friend and the four of them met. She was so innocent that she didn't know that she had been called to get a pregnancy test done. Nikhil didn't want to get into any trouble in the future, after their final break up.

She was humiliated by the guy she loved the most, in front of his friend, and her best friend, that too when Ananya was already suffering from an illness.

Such an idiotic guy he was! He made her go through all this, and still blamed her for everything wrong that was going on in his life. Her anger didn’t get suppressed. One day, she made up her mind to end her life, and decided to talk to Nikhil one last time. He threatened Ananya that he'd involve the police and her parents will have to pay for it. Later, he involved her close friends and told them everything negative about Ananya, so that their friendship could end.

He made their pure relationship public within minutes. And, nothing is greater than a girl’s reputation in this society. This was something that hurt her the most, more than those fake promises.

They both have parted ways now, but Ananya is still hoping for a changed Nikhil, who'd steal her broken heart again, who'll complete her. Nikhil has a version where he would forget her like a bad past, and would never look back. She loves him, he hates her. Parents, friends and cousins were the ones who were quite supportive. They made Ananya strong and now, she is doing well in her life.

Ananya is a strong girl now, faces Nikhil with fierce confidence and still loves him unconditionally.