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How I Saved Myself From The Torture In My Marriage: I Just Had To Say This One Thing

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Our lives took a rough route when my father deserted us to live with another woman. My brother, mother and I had to live in constant shame, saving ourselves from judgmental glares of people.

Society started to consider us as invisible, like talking to us would be a taboo.

Even though my mother didn’t earn much, she got us educated in a private school, and took care of all our needs. I had to look for a groom myself. When I turned 27, I started searching through matrimonial websites online, but rejection was all that I faced due to my shady family background, so I agreed hastily to the one groom who didn’t seem to have a problem, and hence, I got married in a quick affair.

I entered my husband’s home with the hope of being free from the mental trauma I had faced all these years, and to start a new life. Maybe this new life would be filled with the love and respect that I had yearned for all my life, but fate had other plans in store for me.

Not much later, I realised my mother-in-law’s intentions of getting me married to her son. My husband’s brother-in-law was a drunkard, and as a result, his sister and her kids were financially dependent on him.

The house never needed a daughter-in-law, it needed a slave, and I was the perfect choice, with no one behind my back to account for me. The mental bruises only got deeper in the next few years. They didn’t leave a chance to belittle me and loot me off my confidence.

My husband fed my stomach, but my soul was hungry for emotional comfort. He was so insensitive towards me that he didn’t even visit the hospital with me while I was pregnant.

As years rolled by, I lost my mother and brother, and forgot what happiness feels like. But all through this, life taught me a valuable lesson. I realised that I can protect myself from this physical and mental abuse only if I decide to voice my protest against it.

I pushed my husband away when he came to beat me. I spoke back with reason to my mother-in-law and made it clear that I was unwilling to listen to her insults anymore. Though taken by surprise at first, she got the clear message that I cannot be tortured anymore.

They understand that I am a stronger person now and will not be taken for granted. Today, I make sure that I’m taken care of.

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