Hey Karthik, Sorry For Being One Of Those Girls: I'm Waiting For You

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 2 September, 2017

Hey Karthik,

It is me, your nose pin girl. Our story began on 7th July at 4:29 pm, from the moment I said ‘Hi’ to you. You are the guy who called me an angel and then went on to ask me, ‘Will you marry me?’. And just like that, a guy from Sydney coming to India on July 13th, made a girl from Udupi fall for him.

As usual, just like other girls, I rejected you. That was my fault. You then made me fall for you beyond all odds.

You seemed to be getting closer to me with each passing day. I know you would come online every night only to text me, because you crash early to go to the gym at 5 AM.

You made many sacrifices just to get me to agree. Well, your lady is ready to say yes to you today.

I don’t know why you have deactivated your Facebook account and your number isn’t reachable either. You have not reverted to my voice notes, and my texts are not getting delivered to you. I do not know anyone from your family as you were least bothered to tell me about them.

I don’t even know any of your friends’ names so I cannot reach out to them to ask about you. If anyone reading this knows him, please inform him that I am waiting for him. He should now be in Mudbidri, and I don’t know anything other than this. I really need you Karthik. Also, I am leaving for hostel on the 30th of this month. Please reach out to me before I leave.

Those who know him, please tell him that I am waiting to hear from him. Please ask him to contact me.
Author's Note:

Thank you AkkarBakkar for giving me a chance to express my feelings. If I ever meet Karthik, I will surely write the next part of our story here.