He's Given Me Every Reason Not To Be With Him And I Can't Stop Loving Him

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 13 September, 2017

After my sister got married, I planned a trip to Goa with my family. We thought it would be a good holiday for all of us, especially in trying to fill up the void that my sister left behind. Obviously, I wasn’t looking for anyone and being single for almost 3 years now, I had given up on the idea of love.

But you know what they say, “Love finds you, only when you’re truly not searching for it.”

And that’s exactly when I met him. It was unexpected, beautiful and a whirlwind of emotions: it was everything that I thought I would never experience again, especially after surviving the end of a bitter relationship. He was my cousin brother’s best friend and was in Goa at the same time. We all partied together, but I was busy with my family and our other friends to notice him. Through the countless shots that we all ended up having, I remember him coming and trying to talk to me.

I was careful, obviously, considering he was my brother’s friend, but not enough to end up smiling at him and sharing secret glances with, all night long.

It almost felt like my soul knew that he was going to be the one I would end up with.
The next day, all I could think about was his deep eyes as I boarded my flight back home. I knew nothing about him, except his name and that he was my brother’s friend. And of course, I was too shy to ask him. I tried to hunt him down on social media, but it was tougher than I expected.

Just as I was giving up hope, I came up with an idea and reached out to my cousin, asking him to make a WhatsApp group, with everyone from that night, that way, we could all share pictures, of course. And right after that group was created, he sent me a personal message!
I still remember the first time he spoke to me, it was on New Year's Eve. Everything about that conversation was so dreamy. And the next day, he opened up to me about his personal life and I was shocked.
As I heard him, I wondered if I should feel sorry for him, or for myself?

At a young age, he lost his mother and three years ago, he married a con-woman. One who stole almost all of his money. Currently, he was in a major divorce battle with her.

He soon told me that divorces in India can’t be granted until it’s mutual or if either partner has solid proof, which he didn’t. I spoke to my cousin about all of this, and to my deepest regret, he confirmed it all. With time, I learned more about this wonderful man, and his painful journey. I became his confident and he, my lover. I vowed to myself that I am always going to be there for him, wait as long as I must, but I will shower all the love I can on this man who has been deprived of it for a long time.

He’s tried to end things with me, many times. Forced me to look ahead in life and not fall for someone whose future was uncertain. But I’m not weak, and nor is my love.

I pray every day for some miracle, some way in which that horrid woman leaves him and stops torturing his family. I pray to God to release him from this burden and to end this miserable chapter in his life. I pray to for us. For our future, and for a lifetime of happiness that I know we both deserve.

Author's Note:

If you’re reading this. I want you to know that I will keep you safe, always. I will always be there when you feel that you have nowhere to go, and no one to trust. If your world falls apart, I will start a riot. I am never going to give up on us. A chance at a life together is greater than the risk of being apart from you. I love you.

And to all the lovers out there, there are going to be days, months or even years of trying times. Be patient and true, that’s all you will need for your love to win the test of time.

Editor's Note:

Share this story, if you know someone or have been through the trying tests of love and time. It's tough out there, but knowing there's a hopeful story somewhere, always helps.