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He Was A Liar And Deserved The Gift That I Had Unknowingly Given Him

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I met this guy through a friend. Let’s call him Raj. It was not an instant connection. We became the best of friends gradually. Raj was not really a good looking guy. He had average looks but he had sparkling eyes and a smile that was worth dying for. He was the most charming character in our class. I met him in our tuition class.

We started talking during our classes and also after the classes got over. We then started chatting over messages. WhatsApp was not popular at that time.

I really loved talking to him and over a period of time, he was like my diary in which I wrote down all my emotions. My life was an open book for him.

Raj and I grew closer and we started meeting more often. Our favourite place was Dominos and we loved going there because both of us loved pizza.

One fine day, Raj proposed to me. I can never forget that day. It was mesmerizing. I knew I was in love with him but had never confessed it to him. But when he proposed to me, I was on cloud 9 and instantly said, “YES.” This is how the journey of our love life started and life was just like a fairy tale now.

We went on long drives on his bike. During the winter, we had planned to go on a long drive to a place which was almost 2 hours away from Mumbai. We put on our jackets and started the journey. When we reached the dam, there was fog all around us. It was the most beautiful place we had ever seen. Raj loved exploring new places. He would always take me to all these places and trust me, they were all very beautiful. It was so cold out there at the dam. And it was so foggy that we could hardly see anything.

And there, amidst the fog and in the cold weather, we kissed for the first time. We made love after for the first time that day.

Time passed and things were good between us. He became my world. My everything. I would do anything for someone like him. But suddenly, I started noticing that his behaviour was changing. It was as if he was taking me for granted.

I loved him very much so I ignored all this. And that was my biggest mistake.

There were times when he didn’t speak to me for weeks. But I would still call him every day. He even blocked me from his call list.

I was preparing for my CA final exams and he was preparing for his banking exams. So we hardly met or spoke during this time.

I did not know what he was doing at that time. But I was very sure that I could make things fall into place.

Two weeks before my exam, he messaged me and said that he had to go for his cousin sister’s engagement. He said he needed to get some shopping done. So I went with him and he tried a sherwani. I told him that usually, dulhas wore it. But he told me that he was very close to his sister and so he wanted to buy it. I trusted him blindly. Later on, we went to buy mojdis for him. After selecting a pair, I paid the bill.

He met me in the morning on the day of his sister’s engagement. We made love and he told me that he was going to be with his family.

He said he will not be able to speak to me when the engagement was going on. I was OK with it. The next day, he asked me to meet him and suddenly he told me that though he loved me we could not get married.

He said he wanted to be with me and wanted our relationship to continue like this.

I was shocked to hear him say this and asked him why he was saying such things. He told me that his sister was having a love marriage. He could see how no one was happy in his family. He then said that the bride's and the groom's side had started fighting before the wedding. And because of all this, he did not want to go in for a love marriage. I was broken from within. But I tried to convince him. I told him that I would speak to his family and convince them too.

But he was adamant about his decision and asked me to continue with our relationship only if I agreed to his condition of not marrying him.

I was blinded by my love for him. I agreed because I did not want to lose him. I thought that things would get better with time. A week later, we had a fight about some topic. He did not speak to me for 3 days. After 3 days, I messaged him. His reply broke me completely. He said, "We cannot be together anymore. I am dating another girl and I love her very much." He then sent me screenshots of his chats with her. It clearly showed that they were in a relationship. I wondered how anyone could fall in love with a person within 3 days. After he said this, he stopped replying to my messages and blocked me.

I was crying like hell. I called him repeatedly.

God knows what happened to me but I started checking his Facebook account. I never realized that he had blocked me from his Facebook account long back. So I could not see any of his posts. I had never checked his account before this. I called my friend and checked his Facebook account from her account.

I got the biggest shock of my life when I saw the pictures there. I can never forget that day.

His cover photo was a picture of his engagement and he was wearing the same sherwani and the mojdis that we both had bought together. The photograph had been posted on the day he had gone for his sister’s engagement.

My whole life seemed meaningless to me at that moment. Everything became clear in my mind.

The family fight, love marriage not being acceptable in his family etc. I didn’t know what to do. I was devastated. But I did one thing at that time. I felt proud of myself for doing this.

I called him from my friend’s phone and just told him one simple line, “Keep those mojdis as an engagement gift from my side. That is what you deserve.”

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