He Told Me He Wanted A Girl With A “Clean” Past And I Was Shocked To Find Out About His

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 22 July, 2017

I am a girl and I come from a conservative background. I wear Indian clothes and and have very strict rules at home. But that doesn't mean my parents are orthodox. I am highly qualified and have been living in a hostel away from home for 5 years. But never in these years did I go out of the campus without my parents' permission. They know everything even after being far away. I have a boy best friend. Who has always been there for me in the toughest of times.

I never had feelings for any boy until last year. I met him at an annual get together of the community and since then my life has changed.

We were in the same profession and for the first time, my parents gave me the permission to party with boys. This was a huge change for me. I thought I had never been this happy all my life. I was falling for him. He liked me too and everybody was noticing but we never told each other about it.

He wanted a girl who had never been in a relationship before. I was a perfect fit for him and he was for me. But it was a short lived dream. His best friend always kept an eye on me and one day I was blamed for being in a relationship with my best friend.

They questioned my character. He stopped talking to me. I was devastated. I did every possible thing to get him back but all in vain

Fast forward a few months and I learnt that he got engaged. A girl with the same qualities and a clean past.

What upset me the most was when I found out about his past; how he dated someone from an entirely different caste. This is what this patriarchal society puts us women through. A girl will always be judged by the society. Even though his hypocrisy was exposed, he expected me to have a clean past and my feelings and efforts did not matter at all. It’s been months and I am still coping with the loss. I am going for therapy now, every day.