He Said "Looks Don't Matter" But When We Met, I Knew Something Was Wrong

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 27 July, 2018

I got introduced to him through a matrimonial site. His family liked my profile and wanted to meet me to take things forward. His parents met me and immediately approved of me. He was not in town but he called me the same day and we spoke for more than an hour.

It was the first time that we spoke to each other but not once did we feel like strangers.

He was friendly and made me feel very comfortable. We spoke about random things and also about my work. He liked the idea of my startup and encouraged me to continue working on it. Several people had told me that being an entrepreneur could create problems when looking for marriage alliances. So I was extremely happy and relieved when I got to know that he was impressed with the idea of a startup.

By the end of the call, I developed a liking for him, his honesty, friendly nature and also his voice.

As soon as we hung up, we started chatting. I was never fond of chatting nor did I have much experience in chatting with guys.

But with him, I never felt any difficulty or discomfort.

We could talk about anything and everything. During these chats, we discovered that we are exactly alike as people. Our likes, interests, and even our dislikes were the same. Both of us loved Royal Enfield, we enjoyed travelling, taking road trips and partying. We also loved stargazing and were basically kids at heart. We liked our coffee strong and chocolates dark; the list of similarities was never-ending.

He would often joke that I was his photocopy.

We were both surprised and happy about our matching interests. It drew us closer to each other. He was in Riyadh for office work and we had to wait for almost 20 days to meet each other. But we would chat every night and sometimes, all through the night while he was away. He told me everything about his past; his ex-girlfriend, his best friends, his habits, and everything that he thought I deserved to know.

He never kept any secrets and I trusted him a lot.

I told him about my work, my friends, my fears and everything that I wanted him to know about me. We never argued or fought over anything because our views were always alike. He was very expressive and always told me what he liked in me. He always said that I was unique and was the sweetest person he had ever known.

He also confessed that he liked me from the very day that we spoke for the first time.

He understood me very well, just like I understood him and liked him for the kind of person he was. I had decided that I would accept him no matter how he looked.

He always said that looks did not matter to him and he would never reject anyone based on their looks.

Both of us had seen each other’s pictures on the matrimonial site. He was a very good-looking guy with attractive eyes. People say that I look pretty and cherubic, with big beautiful eyes and long silky hair. We were confident that we would make the best couple.

Finally, the long wait was over, and we met. He came to my house with his parents. We always thought that the moment we meet and look at each other for the first time would be the most beautiful and memorable moment of our lives.

Unfortunately, when we looked at each other, there wasn't a trace of happiness on his face.

I was good at reading faces and immediately understood that something was wrong. He looked at me several times but he seemed completely disinterested. We were sent to another room to talk and though we sat there for half an hour, we didn't speak much like we’d thought we would.

While chatting the previous day, we imagined that we would blush when we looked at each other but we didn't even smile.

The next morning, I pinged him but he didn't respond to my message. I sent him another message in the afternoon and he replied saying that he was confused. I told him that I was planning to go to the beach alone and if he wanted to meet me or talk to me, we could meet there. But I never got a reply to that message. I went to the beach and waited for three hours but he never turned up.

I sat on the beach and cried my eyes out because I had read it in his eyes; I knew that he had decided to leave me forever.

Yet, I hoped that I was wrong. I wanted to believe that the person who liked me so much in the past 20 days would not leave me without any reason. But I was wrong. When I reached home, my mom told me that they had rejected the proposal. But they never said why.

I wanted to ask him why he left me, I even typed a message with all my questions, but I could never press the send button.

During our earlier conversations, I’d asked him what would he do if I didn’t look good. He’d replied that he would take me to a parlour but wouldn't reject me. If he didn’t like my appearance (which I don't think could be the reason), he could have asked me to go to the parlour or join a gym and I would have done it happily for him.


I haven’t been able to understand his reasons for leaving me without a chance. But this rejection took away my confidence. I couldn’t focus on my work. I stopped talking to people.

I left my hometown where I stayed all my life and shifted to a city where people like me get lost in the hustle and bustle of the place.

It’s been more than a month now but I still can't forget him and all those chats filled with love. I don't know if he really meant all that he said. But I want to believe that it was true.

I still wish we could be together because I know that we would have been the best couple.
Editor's Note:

Rejection is hard in itself but it's harder when you are not given a chance or reason. Share this story if you agree that every person has the right to ask "why?" and they deserve an answer.