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He Made My Life A Living Hell Because I Loved Him Too Much

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He was a beast in front of me but in front of his parents and relatives he was the best son. I was a girl from a small town working in a city. We were in love with each other and were a perfect couple.

I had never been in a relationship and he knew I was madly in love with him. When he told me he was in love with me that is when I was sure of our relationship but everything changed when the marriage topic came up.

He just did not want to talk about it. He tried to ignore it but for me, I did not want to be in a relationship that didn’t end in marriage.

He told me, “It’s not my problem if you have such feelings for me. I never told you I am going to marry you.”

I tried to convince him. I even said I don’t want to do it now, I can wait for him to settle. Nothing changed him. I started to beg and he showed me his real face and started to abuse me. This continued for six months. He started to avoid me in all possible ways and blocked me on social media.

I couldn't take it anymore and asked him to meet me in front of everyone in office. His reply was "what are you trying to do? you’re spoiling my name everywhere. I told him, “Meet me or else the situation will be even worse." We met in the night.

"What is your problem? Seriously what are you talking about? marriage? Do you know what kind of family I come from. I have dated so many other girls that doesn't mean I have married them all. I am gonna marry a girl my parents choose.”

“My family and I have got a very good name in my hometown. Do you think you are fit for that? I know that my parents will get me a better girl. Do you know how much dowry they are ready to offer me. Don't shed these stupid tears and do drama in front of everyone and make me a bad person. Why do you want to spoil your name also.”

You know me from the past year or two. To me, my parents and their name in front of society is everything.

"You know that I loved you a lot. I am madly in love with you."

"Man , what love..? Just a year and you think you know me and my family and you love me. Whenever I get bored I will go out with girls and you are one among them. I can’t call it love. Just move on, I am over you. There was nothing special about you.”

I was daddy's little princess. Even though my dad is a farmer he has taught us values in life. We are three sisters. When I went back to my hometown, my father found that there is something wrong with me. Even though I was not admitting it. But one fine day when a marriage proposal came I couldn't agree to it.

His words were echoing in my ears boredom, cheap, move on, not special, not fit for his family, no feelings, I was available for someone's desire. I said no, I called off the proposal. In turn I had to say the truth to my sister. There were lot of questions on my character. My sisters even took me for counseling.

My father fell sick and I was the reason for all of it. I started to pretend that I have become normal. Even though we kissed, we never had sex. I should appreciate his mother for teaching him that at least. Three years and I am still haunted by those memories and his words keep echoing in my ears.

People did tell me that it was nothing and it was just a lesson in my life for loving the wrong person but my question was what lesson did he learn? From being a normal girl to becoming a psycho? Did I deserve this?

No, What are the parents teaching their sons? that spoil a girl's life? only his mother has a heart? girls are only born in their family? and what is that dowry? Shame on you people. We are humans like you.

No one has any rights to play with other's feelings even if it is for fun. When you can't respect a woman, you don't deserve any girl in your life. You don't even deserve to call a woman your mother. I really want to meet your parents and want to show them what type of a son you are.

Don't just think that by saying "I am over you, move on" you can put an end to a relationship. Every drop of my tear will burn you and your family. Go and hide in your mom's saree you coward and karma will find you there also.

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