He Is Special To Me Only Because We Couldn't Complete Our Great Romance Like This

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 16 July, 2018

Some stories are complete only when they are incomplete.

It all started the day I first saw him. I met a guy who was a complete stranger. Both of us were in a new place. He had average looks and was an introvert. I had never been too keen on looks.

But I was drawn to him right from the beginning.

Slowly I got to know more about him and even started thinking of creating a future with him. I had even decided to propose to him.

Yes, it was like a fairy tale and I could feel the butterflies in my stomach whenever I took his name. But whenever we chanced upon each other I would be tongue-tied. I could not even make eye contact with him.

I started daydreaming about him and created thousands of thoughts with him in my heart. But like all Bollywood movies, a love triangle popped up in my life one fine day. All my dreams were shattered when I came to know that he was already in a relationship with another girl for the past three years.

I realized that he loved her a lot. I was convinced that I was fated to remain single forever.

Maybe I just abruptly turned off all my emotions for him but I had decided that I would never fall in love with anyone else again. I was scared of facing the same scenario in the future too.

I did not want to complicate my life with such things anymore.

But I now knew what one-sided love actually felt like. I could relate to it and I am not a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve. I decided to let go of all my dreams. But one day I heard about how his girlfriend had betrayed him.

He was absolutely broken during that phase of his life.

But even during this phase, I couldn't console him. Sometimes, all I could do was to pray with all my heart. So I did this and wondered what I would say to him if I could ever manage to open my mouth in front of him.

I knew he was a very important person in my life.

Then I came across a networking App. This gave me the opportunity of conveying all my feelings for him. I knew several people who used it for fun.

But I used that App as an opportunity to express all my feelings to him.

I knew I could never express them directly because he knew me and I didn’t want to make it uneasy for both of us. But even today, I don’t know whether he has seen my messages.

So I want to send him a message through this story.

I adore you. I will always adore you. You may be one amongst the many for others but for me, you are the only one. I think you are kind, unique, ambitious and spontaneous.

That is why I like you so much.

It’s been a long time since we exchanged our first glance. I am just penning down all my feelings here with the hope that it will reach you. I hope you come across this post. I hope the same thing does not happen to me again. I don’t want my story to have a sad ending.

Editor's Note:

Let’s learn to express our love to all our loved ones. And yes, love can be expressed in many ways too. Let’s share this story and hope this young girl’s ‘fairy tale' like story works its magic in real life too.