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He Had The Nerve To Call Me ‘Fat’ And ‘Illiterate’ Just Because I Spoke To His New Girl

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I had just completed my 12th standard. I was extremely excited about joining college. I made several new friends after joining my college and had quite a few crushes as well. I fell for a cute guy with dimples after seeing his smile. But I did not express my feelings to him or anyone else. I would meet him sometimes and we would talk a bit.

I always felt nervous when he was around because I could feel the butterflies in my stomach.

One day we were chatting on Facebook when he suddenly asked me for my number. We exchanged our numbers after which we started texting each other for almost 5 – 6 hours every day.

I already had a crush on him and was overwhelmed when he showed this kind of interest in me.

We got to know each other slowly over a period of around two months. He then proposed to me. What more could I have asked for? I had fallen for him on the first day I saw him and when he proposed to me it was obvious that I would say, “Yes!”

We started going out for movies and dinners. We would kiss and hug each other and were extremely close to each other.

It was only later on that I realized how naïve I had been. This was my first relationship and I was so innocent that I believed whatever he told me. I even had plans of marrying him. Today I laugh when I think about the whole thing.

I was not aware of what was going on his mind. And that was my biggest mistake. We spent two years together in our college. But his behaviour changed completely when we were about to finish college. He started ignoring my calls and messages. I would see him online at 3 a.m. but if I texted him he would ignore me. I would often ask him if something was bothering him. And he would always say that "My parents won't agree to our relationship.” or “I need to concentrate on my career.” It was then that I started thinking about his behaviour when we were still in a relationship.

Whenever he got a call from someone, he would never speak to that person in front of me. He would literally tilt his phone away from me and look at his messages or send messages. It was clear that he did not want me to see the messages.

I never confronted him about such things because I was naïve and believed that I should trust him and never doubt his actions. That was the second mistake that I made. He never really broke up with me. He just started avoiding my calls and messages.

And then one fine day, he put up a picture of a new girl on social media. When I asked him about it he said, “It was a dare.” I let it go. The next day I noticed that he had changed his status and it now said, “I love you more than anything in the world.” It had a picture of the same girl.

I was shattered to see this that day. That was the first heartbreak of my life and I still clearly remember it.

I could literally feel the pain in my heart. I couldn’t sleep that day. I cried all through the night.

When I confronted him he finally accepted that he had already been in a relationship and that he had always loved that girl and not me. I was really frustrated when he said this to me. It was then that I realized that he had only been using me while he was studying in the college.

Then one day, his new girlfriend sent me a message on Facebook. I sent her a reply. After a while, he sent me a message in which he said, "Why did you talk to her? I had told you not to talk to her.”

He then abused me a lot and called me a fat f*ck. He then said that I needed to learn English and I was illiterate. I knew he was abusing me because I had spoken to his new girlfriend.

That day I realized what a fool I had been. I had always believed in him and he had betrayed me. Two years is a long time to be in a relationship. So I guess it took me a while to move on with my life.

Now he has another girl in his life. He dumped the new girl after a few months.

I just want to end my story by saying a few things to all those guys who USE and CHEAT girls. Please remember that the person who gave birth to you is also a female. Remember that someday she too may be cheated by someone. Please remember that your sister too is a female. She too may be abused at some point in time in her life. 

Please remember that there is something called ‘KARMA'. When you lie, cheat and abuse someone, you will get it back someday. It may happen to you, your sister, your mother or even your OWN DAUGHTER. That is when you will realize how painful the pain is. Remember that the pain that you undergo could be worse than the pain you had inflicted on another girl. So do remember that :

“What you spread to others - comes back to you too.” “If you do good - you get back better. If you do bad - you get back worse.”

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