He First Cheated On Me And Then Tortured Me Till I Was Forced To Run Away

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 26 August, 2017

I met my dream man on Facebook. He was friends with my childhood friend. When I saw his profile on FB, I felt extremely attracted towards him. One day, I messaged him after being uncontrollably fascinated by him.

He replied politely and we continued talking for more than seven hours, that night. Among other things, he told me about his ex-girlfriend.

After talking to each other for about a month, we got into a relationship. After three months, he went away for a vacation and I came to know through one of my friends that he was still in a relationship with his ex. When I asked his ex-girlfriend about this, I realized that he was cheating on me, but I forgave him because I really loved him.

After eight months of being in relationship with him, one day he just called me and started horribly shouting at me. He asked me to come and meet him at his home, at once. I rushed to meet him from 120 kilo meters away. When I reached at his place, he just burst at me. He slapped me hard until I cried in pain. He accused me of sex chatting with a guy online. Apparently my account had been hacked and I had no clue about it. After slapping me, he took his belt off his pants and started beating me with it. Completely torched, I just lay on the floor lifeless. I couldn't accept the fact that the man I loved could do this to me. But I forgave him because I felt it was not his fault, though neither was it mine.

Next year, I exchanged my phone number with a group of friends from my coaching class to share and discuss notes and papers with them. But as soon as my boyfriend came to know about it, he asked me to choose between him and my friends. Of course, I chose him, without a moment's thought.

I wasn't allowed to sit beside any boy in my class. He was suspicious of me, all the time. I compromised everything for him and even let go of my friends and my classmates to be with him.

A few days later, he surprised me with a visit. We were standing on the road, beside his bike. Suddenly, he started checking my phone. When he saw that I was in a Whatsapp group with my classmates, he landed a severe blow on my head. I fainted right there. He took me to a nearby hospital and got me dressed up. At night he took me to a hotel. I was feeling quite weak after bleeding from the blow. But the animal inside his soul wasn't satisfied with just that. He locked me inside the hotel room and repeated his misdeeds. He punched me and slapped me. He took off his belt again and harassed me with it.

I was tortured to an extent that I had more than fifty marks on my body and my face. Unable to walk, I was shattered to finally realize that the person I loved was cruel and inhuman.

Next day, I broke up with him. Even after all this time, I am still afraid of getting into a relationship with anyone else.