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He Called Off Our Engagement Because I Have PCOS And I Do Not Miss Him

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He was my Bhabhi’s brother and I never thought that I will fall for him. But one day, his parents asked my parents for my hand in marriage. Being an obedient child of my parents, I said that if they like him for me then I am okay with it but I wanted to talk to him first as I wanted to tell him that I have PCOS. I told him that if he has any problem with this, he can say no and he said that he likes me and doesn’t care about this. He said he wanted to marry me and our marriage got fixed.

I was very happy. He lived in Germany and we started having day long phone calls, emails, WhatsApp chats, and it seemed like I was totally into him.

After four months, he came back and we got engaged. We roamed here and there, went out for movies, dinner and everything under the sun. We enjoyed and I fell for him more and more and more. A month later, he was going back and I was feeling bad that we have to wait for another year to meet again. After he reached Germany, his behaviour changed drastically and for at least one month after that, I was just wondering what was happening with me, why this was happening with me, and what I did wrong. He shouted at me, did not talk to me and finally, I told my brother that I am fed up with his behaviour and this is not the way he should be talking to me.

Then my parents asked his parents about all this and the reason I got from them was shocking. They said that their son is worried that because I have PCOS, he doubts that I will get a problem in conceiving.

My parents just called off the wedding. I was broken at that time. But now I am married to a wonderful human being. He loves me like anything. He always supports me. And I always thank god that he saved me. I am thankful to him that he has given me an opportunity to stay with a person who loves me for what I am.

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