He Broke Up With Me And When I Tried To Move On, He Started Pointing Fingers On My Character

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I am in love with a guy who is my family friend, social work friend, and senior from my college. Let's call him Vipi.

We were in a relationship for two years. But he left his job to prepare for a government job and so we didn't go ahead with marriage as he wasn’t ready. Whenever I asked him about marriage, he denied. My parents were pressurizing me for marriage as I was 29. I got engaged with a guy within two days. But things didn't go well between us so I called off the wedding 15 days before the actual date.

We both came close after that incident as my family was angry with me and I was all alone.

We loved each other and agreed to marry. But he was jobless; therefore, I was unable to tell my parents about him. They started hunting for grooms and I kept on denying. Vipi and I had many fights on daily basis due to other issues. But our love was immense to keep us together.

But he eventually got irritated and wanted to leave me. I, somehow, managed to save our relationship.

But one fine day, he was about to leave for Bhopal for his exam and we had a fight. I asked him to forgive me and let me drop him. But he was adamant and asked me not to disturb and irritate him. I begged him but he didn't listen. I was crying and my office girl consoled me. I wanted to come out of that pain so I started making funny jokes with my office mates like I have a crush on my BM n all. It was just for fun just to divert my mind because Vipi asked me not to talk till two days.

That particular day, we were supposed to bid adieu to our BM. So there was an office party. Now my BM got a hint about that crush thing and he also liked me and wanted to talk to me. But I avoided. Then Vipin came back but didn't meet me. I went to the office as usual and finally, our BM resigned and threw a party for us. He asked me to come. I was not sure about the party as we had to go 50-60 km away. On the other hand, Vipi was angry and wanted to break up with me. I asked him to take time and think again. But he wasn’t listening.

I cried and begged as I wanted him to give another chance to our relationship. But he didn't listen.

I was upset and crying when my colleague noticed it and she asked to come for the party to change my mood. I went there. My BM got hints about crush thing from others. He started talking and spending time with me. I was feeling relaxed now. We happened to talk and chat that night. I left my charger in his car so he asked me to meet the next day to take the charger as I had only one.

We met and talked. I was happy as my tension and frustration released.

My BM really liked me from the beginning and since he came to know about the crush thing, he spilled all the beans. Now someone from my office told Vipi about this and he was feeling cheated even after breaking up with me.

My question is what happened to him when I was begging him to stay and give another chance to the relationship?

I agree I went to the party as I always avoid office parties. But it was he who ignored me and stopped talking. Now he is blaming me. I accept my fault. But he is not ready to understand. He told our close ones that I cheated on him and that I have an affair with my senior. And that’s the reason they started hating me and also, stopped talking to me.

Vipi, where is the trust in the relationship? Why did you turn away when we wanted to get married? I called off my wedding and rejected all those proposals for you, but in the end, you left me and now you are questioning my character.

I want you but not this way. Let's make it better or else just end it completely.

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