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Having A Son Is A Curse Not A Blessing: I Live The Proof Every Day

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I am a 23-year-old student, pursuing my Masters in Sociology. I was born and brought up in an upper-middle-class family. We are a family of 4.

I have an elder brother, and that seems like a perfect family for many people. Everything was really good and fine until my brother became an alcoholic. After 12th standard, I chose to pursue general studies and he studied the technical line of subjects. He's currently employed. All he does is torture my family by saying he's going to commit suicide.

Indian families always long for a son and it's not false that they have a weakness for male children. My parents are also weak for him. I stay out of home for studies and my brother stays out too. Every day, he calls my parents and says he didn't have food. Hearing this, my mom also doesn't take food and cries all day long.

Papa said that since men can't cry and openly share their emotions, he would get drunk instead. My mother gets beaten up as a result. I don't know whom to blame for my luck. It's all happening because of my brother.

He demands a laptop, iPhone... My parents have always provided well for him. The only thing is, my parents are scared that he might commit suicide. They can't imagine their life without him. It's affecting my life.

I don't know what to do. So I've decided by next year that I will shift home and stay with my parents for moral support. Both my parents are suffering. My father is suffering mentally, and my mother has to go through emotional and physical torture.

My brother often tortures them by saying they didn't make him study like me. Whereas he was never into studies. Our life has become a living hell. At this age, my parents are going through such a situation.

I have seen my parents crying for him. And I've requested God not to bless me with a son (if sons are really like this). He is the elder one should have been much understanding. But it's opposite in our case.

I feel helpless. I pity my parents. Whenever I go home on vacations and my brother comes too, he gets drunk and call me a w***e and s**t and beat me up. It's not that I take his beating; I too hit him. But this is not the kind of situation anyone wants in their family.

We could be so happy. My father sacrifices his needs and provides us with everything that we wish for. He was outside our home for long 12 years until he was transferred to our hometown. But by that time, I had already left home for studies.

Mama was managing the household as well as finances all that time. But luck is so merciless with her that he got a high BP stroke when I was in class 5. Her right side was paralyzed.

After a few months in the hospital, she started walking with a stick and still can't walk properly, but does all the household chores all alone. I can't share these things with anyone so I just keep on praying that someday my brother will understand the trouble he is causing. I'm hoping that he'll be sorry and change himself. I only want my parents to be happy.

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