Don't Think I'll Ever Forget What You Did To Me That Night

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 11 August, 2017

I still remember that night. You changed my life and broke me from inside. You ripped my soul apart. A lot of people have hurt me several times but they left me alone after that.

But that night you did something which was even scarier. I don’t blame you for what happened. I know it was my fault. I should not have trusted you. I should not have assumed that may be you were different from others. I did not know that you were the kind of person who might not leave me all alone.

Yes, I do hate you but you know what? I hate myself more than that. I hate myself because whenever I try to remember what happened that night, I am not able to recall every moment because I was drunk. I was so drunk that I was not able to stop you when you were forcing yourself on me.
I was in pain so I told you to stop many times. But I think you were enjoying yourself. After you were done with me, you didn’t even bother to dress me up. I was lying beside you completely naked.

You can never understand the scars you have left on my body, soul and life. It was not the end. You forced yourself on me the whole night. When I was finally conscious, I had already given up on life. You told me that you will always be with me. But you know what? You are a person whom I will hate till my last breath.

I don’t know why I still talk with you. But I will hate you forever because that night you raped my soul not me. We became intimate after that but nothing can justify that night.

Author's Note:

I just hope that someday I will be able to gather enough courage to tell you that I hate you and that I hate myself because of you.

Editor's Note:

ALL of us make mistakes. When we look back in time, we are ashamed of our behavior and regret making such mistakes. But we can never turn the clock back. The only way then is ahead. Share this story so that this young girl gets the courage to forgive herself first before she moves on with her life.