Dear Tinder Date, I Know I Haven't Met You But I Think I'm In Love With You

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 8 September, 2017

Dear dear dear Tinder date,

I really don't understand what you are looking for?! Sometimes you get horny and say naughty things on the call and sometimes you say "Don't talk dirty to me." I just want to understand what you really want. 

Some days you want to share something deep with me about your ex but other days you are treating me like a stranger with whom you don't want to risk sharing anything personal.

I thought only women like me are hard to understand but are men too? Because dude you are making me go crazy. I must say I like the way you are being mysterious about everything, it's left me intrigued. I'm glad I met you but come on! Give me some clarity about what you want from me.


You just want to hook up or you want to make something serious out of this tinder relationship? Because when you talk about emotional things, it makes me feel like you trust me and you want me to comfort you. It makes me feel like I'm your girlfriend even though I know and understand that we haven't even met yet. 

But you make it a point to call me every night and then I pretend as if I don't absolutely love it. I like the way you flirt with me. I actually love it. We're connected in every way possible, we actually like the same kind of music. That's rare. What's rarer is that we share the same thought process as well.

For crying out loud, we watch cricket together. We are so perfect together baby. Let me just tell you already, that you are a good guy and I like you even more when you guide me through things.

Since I'm a virgin and would like to be till my marriage, you have to understand and be there for me. I sometimes feel like not caring about that aspect anymore and I do wonder if you are going to leave me considering how we met but don't take me for granted. It's a request.


I know I can get anyone if I play my cards right but I want you. I'm a dreamer and trust me, if I give you my heart, you'll be the luckiest man in the world I promise you. 

Yours truly Xx

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