Shahid Kapoor And Mira: It's Easier Said Than Done I Swear

Rajashree D Purkayastha Rajashree D Purkayastha in Single Women Bad Women on 17 March, 2017

Shahid Kapoor defending his lady said he is proud of what she said as she spoke for a section of women who really aren’t being appreciated.

Don’t know what section they are trying to point towards, but the fact is that a much wider section needs to be appreciated. The fact is that Shahid is entirely on a different tangent! Nobody questioned Mira's choice but we all appreciate that she has brought the stay-at-home mom angle in the field of working parents. But she got too carried away with her words to demean the sentiments of many.

And it appears that Shahid Kapoor came defending like a Happy Prince who could see only the section he wanted to consider? He could have sounded much wiser either in silence or in corrected words. Oscar Wilde’s Happy Prince did get an afterlife chance to correct his understandings alas in reality! I wish people could understand and appreciate the fact that all moms are working.

Every mom works 24/7. Even while she's asleep, her thoughts run with her child/children. The only difference is that if a woman earns for her endeavour, that is considered as work; otherwise at home with a whole bunch of work and no Sundays as a holiday, her efforts are taken for granted. Not to forget, even the earning mothers perform those duties.

Only a handful of earning mothers have a helping aide at home while many stay-at-home moms enjoy that privilege as well. But what about those women on the field or those who wash the utensils or cook at home as well? Are they able to get a helping hand? Only rarely luck provides supportive in-laws. They need to be rewarded!

There is another section that is not well presented. Yes! The working mom who doesn't have any hold on the money, she’s working to earn. Nobody is considering her plight! But if the celebrity couple is talking about the elite society then please mention it in the open and spare others. Because it's a huge section that you missed!

To be very honest, those moms who are earning and have a hold of the money that they earn and the privileged ladies who by choice decide to stay back at home are already empowered. If anyone really wants to address the woes of any section and think they need to be represented, please do it for those women who have dreams to materialize, whose parents spent the same amount of education expenses like that on a boy’s and their dreams are yet to be achieved.

The entire episode that started with Mira’s opinion is just depicting the scenario where a woman is being judged on how much she could sacrifice as a mother and in guise as a daughter-in-law. I’m surprised that everyone is standing for oneself in the name of empowerment, where privileges are helping them to make choices; be it doing a job or staying- at-home.

Now, this celebrity couple in the name of addressing support to a section is not only boasting about their privilege but fuelling the minds of those people with old school thoughts who don't see the significance of why a woman should do a job. In the name of empathy, please do not exaggerate their dilemma.

No issue is an issue unless you find an issue with that! And nobody can get away with freedom of expression if not done with a good tone or with a positive note. And so women came up with respective posts. Could they ignore? Yes! But why should they?

The next day if a mother who does a job goes to a nearby supermarket and hears people taunting her about her motherhood responsibilities and testify it by saying that even Mira said the same thing, everybody will be silent. Thus proving that she was right! People often get inspired by the words of celebrities than their own wisdom. So please celebrities, choose your words wisely!

Some people may think that people write to get publicity or views. Well, views come whenever we write, be it your own story, other's story or raising issues. And this time, this is the issue and people are raising concerns.


Many people are yet to believe that "a woman’s job is secondary". Don't you think there's a need to change that thought process? Women’s job is not secondary but could be an insurance plan which every wise man supports and many times, she’s the primary bread earner. Every mother wants an extended maternity leave but tell me how many of you would give the same to a woman who is cooking your food or washing the utensils? If there exist such kind hearts then the next moment that helping aide will be substituted by another! It's easy addressing for a section of the society but reality is very hard.

Shahid sees us as divided into sections but the reality is that the world of moms is a whole in terms of work, dedication, love, affection and care for their kids, what varies is the responsibilities towards the grown-ups in the family.