Dear Mom, This Is Why I Would Give Up My Future To Make You Happy Now

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 26 January, 2018

What makes a mother love her children unconditionally, no matter how much they hurt her?

A mother’s love sees no boundaries, time, date or place. It just grows with each passing day to its full glory.

Even before a child is born, a mother goes through a lot of pain and problems. While giving birth to her baby, she experiences excruciating pain. She goes through discomfort even after giving birth to her baby, yet just seeing the baby makes her smile and feel at peace.

I wonder how a mother forgets all her pain for her baby?

Then starts the toughest yet purest journey, the journey of being a mother - a true visible form of God. No matter how much her children hurt her, she always stands by their side and protects them.

She nurtures them with all her heart forgetting her own happiness.

She introduces them to life; teaches them about people, society and so much more. She sacrifices everything; her time, sleep, peace, trips and so much more just to look after her children and their upbringing.

I wonder how a mother senses everything without having to tell her anything?

Why does my mother love me so much that she is willing to donate her organ to save my life? How do I make her understand that her presence is more valuable and precious to me than my own dreams and future?

How do I make her realize that her happiness soothes my soul, that she is not just my mother but my soulmate and that my life is nothing without her?

How do I assure her that she is all that matters to me? How do I tell her that I would kill myself if something happened to her?

How do I tell her that I am tolerating all my problems and not giving up on life only because of her ardent love towards me?

How do I make her understand that my life and my soul is reserved for her; that every single time I gave up on the thought of suicide just because of her and her love?

How do I stop her from donating? My life is nothing without her. She is my life, my love, my friend, my brother, my sister; my everything

I love her more than I love myself and I'll do anything rather than let her donate to me.

I still wonder what makes a mother love her child unconditionally, irrespective of the pain? Nothing can match a mother’s love for her child.

Can we ever reach the level of love that a mother showers on her child?

Is it even possible? If so, how?


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