Dear Men, I Sincerely Hope That I Do Not Offend You But I Really Need To Write This Letter

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 1 July, 2017

Dear Men,

You who have an opinion about everything I do, starting from what I wear, whom I talk to, how I walk, what I eat or drink, to the things I post online and places I visit and the company I keep, Namaste! You might have already thought, here is another “feminist” posting crap about equal rights and freedom. Well, as always, you are absolutely ‘right’. I sincerely hope that I do not offend you, bringing your virtual wrath down upon myself. I would simply like to raise some doubts (yes, I know I am not supposed to, but well, being a feminist, you know I am arrogant). Here is my first query. I know women are amazing creatures who are quite beautiful. But you might have noticed that women although basically the same as men, do differ from them morphologically. I would know. I am one.

Apart from the same organs as men, women happen to have breasts. Yes, those are organs women possess that help them to nurture the young ones. (I bet you did not know that’s what it is meant for) I know. It’s bloody brilliant! I believe this has been the case ever since the beginning of ‘mankind’. What I do not understand is that why are you still in so much of awe about it?

Sure, it’s a lot to take in and I understand when you have so many women of ‘loose morals’ to keep track of, it becomes difficult for you to notice, but your mother, her mother and her mother before her happen to have the same feature! Maybe if you did pay a little more attention to what’s happening right before your eyes, you would have noticed this miracle already! If you haven’t slept off already, I humbly put forward my second query.

I have been often told by my parents and concerned friends that I shouldn’t post pictures or videos online as it could be misused or misinterpreted. I happen to like my smile and enjoy dressing up. I also happen to have a great group of friends (yes, including boys!) with whom I travel and enjoy life in general. I know I have broken a lot of canonical laws already, but here is my query.

What exactly irritates you? Is it that I share what’s happening in my life or that I have guy friends? Is it that I drink or that I travel? You are sitting behind the screen zooming into my pictures to derive pleasure from whatever skin I reveal while checking out which guy is standing next to me. Obviously, you would know better. By the way, did you find out the points of contact between the females and males in the picture?

This brings me to the third query. Yes, I wear sleeveless. Shorts and dresses too. It’s hot! Even if it weren’t I simply enjoy wearing these as it compliments (I know you agree too) my body. I also enjoy dancing and sports. As I have already pointed out, believe it or not, we do have the same organs barring a few.

So why bhaiyya, why? Why do you have to stare at my legs or deep within the neckline of my top?

I assure you, I have no hidden treasures within.

I have several more queries, but I’ll stop for the time being. If you did reach till the end of this letter, I apologize for having taken so much of your precious time which you could have spent commenting on a woman or molesting another. I hope you are well.

A woman.