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Dear Girl (Who Thinks Life Is Hard): It's Really Okay To Have Your Heart Broken

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*For representational purpose only.

Here’s to all the gorgeous girls who think that life is hard. Which path do they choose? You meet so many objectively beautiful guys in your life every single day. A lot of them are expressing interest in you and try to get closer. At first, a lot of it depends on the guy’s body language and the way he talks.

Imagine a guy while sending a mail to his client, looking into his laptop, asks you "where do you want to go tonight?" Vs. another guy who looks straight into your eyes and says, "I have booked a table at this new amazing restaurant, I shall pick you at 7, be ready."

I am sure you would pick the second one, because he made you feel wanted, he made you feel like you are precious to him, this is what we girls want, some attention wrapped with a lot of love. There are guys who do nothing for you but you go crazy by the way he emotes, those goofy expressions that he makes while talking and you go like “oh, I love you”. Why does it happen like this? He makes you feel loved, he makes you feel wanted, and then? He starts bread crumbing. He talks once in a week and you still get super excited with the “Hey” text that he sends. You reply instantly, make him feel that you still care and that’s when he starts taking you for granted. Now here, the question is not why do you love him so much? Or why do you care for him so much? It’s good to fall in love. It’s the best feeling in the world. Yes girls, you read it right.

Love is the most beautiful thing you can ever get into. It depends upon how the other person treats you or rather how you would want to be treated. If you are okay with this bread crumbing, then that’s not love. That’s something very ugly.

You go like “I love him, I love him, and I love him!” So where is the problem? He doesn’t love me back, come on girls, that’s not love, that’s worship, love is never one sided. You were so good and comfortable in your life. You were doing your own cool stuff. You were learning new things, talking to new people every day. So where did he come from? And how did he become so important by doing nothing? Who gave him the right to treat you like s***?

It’s “YOU”. It’s you who gave him that power. He was not bad, and he just made you feel good for some time and left. He was done with his part of the story. But, you suddenly became so powerless, helpless and dependent upon him. Don’t do that. You will meet 10 new people every day out of which 2 will play an important role in your life and 8 will just go. This doesn't make you bad or ugly.

Don’t let him feel like he is ruining your life. Don’t give him that power. Instead go out, take a walk, and start afresh.

Everything is hard in this world. It’s hard to be in a relationship. It’s hard to stay single. It’s hard to love someone. It’s hard getting hurt, it’s equally hard to hold onto your feelings and be dead inside. So, if everything is hard, you should not get scared to take experiences.

YOLO - You only live once. Don’t hold back your feelings. Rejection is better than regret.

But, in this process don’t make yourself sound like a fool, keep your points straight, and love unconditionally. But don’t get into that lonely corner. You are a mature, gorgeous girl. Then why did you make yourself sit in that lonely dark corner of the room thinking about him. You are a diamond. It’s okay to have your heart broken. Understand. Don’t be scared to fall in love again, because it is the most beautiful feeling in the world.

Don’t act so powerless. You have always contributed positively in love. Own it, keep it up and inspire other lovely girls out there.

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