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Being A 22-Year-Old Woman Does NOT Mean This

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*For representational purpose only.
You are 22, about to finish your graduation and woof, you are ready to sell yourself in the “marriage market”. You have to look for people who can certify you as a “good wife and an even better daughter-in-law”. And then you live happily ever after.

Life begins after marriage they say; you put the first 22 years of your life studying so you would naturally want to utilize that and work as well. However, people don’t expect you to do so; they can’t bare the thought of you spending 3-4 years of your life being financially independent.

So now begins the drama. This age from 22 to 28; that’s where all the drama happens. You are at “that age” now. You now need to get married and reproduce: the only reason why you even exist, your ultimate goal.

It almost seems as if everyone around you is alive only to hold your cute little child in their arms. Your biological child. 

It’s as if there is absolutely nothing that can be done with your life once you hit that age. Maybe you want to spend a little time with your family after staying away for so many years? But no, they are more interested in getting you couriered to another place, which, in their view point is a “safer, more secure, lifelong companionship package”

They expect you to spend the first 22 years of your life studying and the next 22 adjusting to a person you didn’t choose, showing off expensive clothes and jewelry, flaunting rich spouses’ family, doing household chores, giving up on your dreams and living up someone else’s.

So if you go by design; properly, religiously and obediently, you will be free to reflect upon your life post 50; the life that you’ve already wasted. Then, you have to get your kids married, pressurize your grandkids to get married and the cycle begins again.

Now you finally have a lot of time to think about that wish list and fulfil all your wishes but now, it’s too late.

So from now on, I will make sure that wish list gets longer and longer, and that I get stronger to fight with the society by each passing day so that when I look back at my life one fine day, I won’t have any regrets. And you know what?

In this process, you might find someone who has the same idea of life as you, and that’s when the real magic happens. Go make all those wishes come true.

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