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An Open Letter To My Husband Who Thinks He Deserves Space And I Don't

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*For representational purpose only.

Dearest Husband,

Am I too available for you? Well, it won’t be like that anymore. Everything was well planned. Where to visit, who would accompany you, your mode of transport and luggage too, was well sorted. All items from your checklist were in place, apart from a few last-minute changes.

You seemed so very happy as you were going on a trip with your dear friends and obviously there would be no family around so you were bound to be looking forward to it.

You couldn’t seem to contain your excitement when you called me from work to add a few more things on the checklist that was prepared by me for you. I packed everything neatly and added a few extra things so that you didn’t face any kind of discomfort on the trip as I wouldn’t be around if you did. I managed this with care since you had instructed me to not to pack too much as you wanted to travel light.

The checklist looked like this: 1) Clothes – climate-friendly, not the tight ones as they’d be uncomfortable on travel. 2) Money, identity card, license 3) Medicine 4) Glasses and so on..

You went on the trip and had a great time. You posted pictures and tagged your friends. After you got back, we talked about this trip and you told me all the details with enthusiasm. We also discussed your next holiday with your friends and it seemed like you couldn’t wait. A few days later, one of my friends called me and asked me to join her on an all-girls' trip.

So as per the usual procedure, I asked my husband if I could go and as I had anticipated, you refused. When I asked you for a reason, you said that as our family was already going on a trip after six months, I didn’t have to go anywhere alone.

Why, dear hubby? If you can go have some fun time off with your friends, why can’t I? Why are there different rules for me?

I was quite upset about this but as usual I ignored it. Everybody needs some space, it is a crucial necessity in every marriage. The rules should be equal for both partners.

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