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After All This, Does It Matter If She Was The "Other Woman" Or I Was?

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It was the most wonderful day of my life. 

I had just returned from our school picnic. The picnic was fun-filled with DJ music and a lot of photography. I was tired. But this tiredness was worth it. I had my first picnic in my school life, although, I had few friends. I was studying in one of the best schools in my state. I had done a lot of hard work in 10th standard, just to get admission there. And my hard work had finally ended with my admission to the school of my dreams for my 11th and 12th. 

Still, I had a lot of group photos with my classmates in the picnic. At least I had fun after a long time in a new place. I was happy enough. I was lying down in my hostel room with my back supported with a pillow. I scrolled down through my Facebook profile, it was my daily habit. There came a notification stating "Neha tagged you in a post". Neha was my classmate, with whom I rarely talked with. Actually, I rarely talked with anybody there. I was from a small city, and it was difficult for me to adjust with those standard-conscious girls of this new place. I opened the notification to check the post. And yes, it was a group picture of us, me along with a few other female classmates. I hit the like button and went back to my home page. In a few minutes, another notification popped out. It stated "C.J. Reon commented on a post you are tagged in". Yes, it was the same group photo. He had commented "Beautiful pic..." I hit the like button on his comment. Yes, because I was also there in the photo. Then popped another notification, "Neha tagged you in a post". It was again another group photo of our class. And yes, again a few minutes later the new notification said, "C.J.Reon commented on a post you are tagged in". This time the comment said, "Beautiful group pic...". I liked the comment this time too. And to my surprise the next notification that popped out was a friend request and guess what it was from "C.J.Reon". 

I opened his profile, to find out he was studying in Harvard University. I was quite impressed. He was a mutual friend of Neha. I browsed through his photos. He was good looking. And the next thing what I did was the biggest mistake of my life. I hit the accept button. I never had an idea that this single decision was going to change my life forever. Then popped out the message in messenger "Hi". I texted back "Hi". Yes, it was from "C.J.Reon". And there started the communication. 

The usual conversation turned out to be a regular conversation. He was kind of open and friendly. And we became friends. I liked talking to him. He was well behaved and talkative. And I like talkative people, because I am weak in making a conversation from my side. The day soon arrived when he asked me if I would mind sharing my number with him. I don't know what happened to me, I couldn't deny him. I agreed at once. 

Maybe I liked him. And yes, he called me back. His voice was mesmerising. I was already impressed by his looks and studies. Now his voice left me smiling. We had a very short conversation. Now the messenger conversations had changed into a WhatsApp conversation. Good night and good morning messages were compulsory. We would ping each other when we got time. Although it was not long enough, I had known him, I trusted him. Maybe his personality was the reason. And then came the day of the meeting. 

It was early morning 6 am. We had our meeting fixed at 7 am, as I had no other options. I was in the school hostel and the only option of going out was in the name of tuition. And to our luck, that day tuition was cancelled. So finally, we had decided to meet. We met in the nearby bus stop. I was sitting there. I noticed a guy in a sky blue jacket, with shorts and earphones plugged into his ears. To my surprise, he was the guy I was waiting for. He looked different from the photos. He looked much more handsome than the photos. My eyes had a shy smile in them. We shook hands. 

Finally, I asked him, what his real name was. Because C.J.Reon was more like an English name, and I was sure he was Indian. I had already asked him earlier about his real name. He always used to tell me that he would reveal his name in our meeting. I never bothered much about this. Because his nature was more important to me than his name. 

That day, I got to know his name, "Maan Trivedi". My first question to him was why his Facebook name was made up. He was like, "it is an old fashioned name". I was on cloud nine already. So I didn't mind it. And came the next truth about his college. He was not from any Harvard university, but from one of the colleges in the same city. Although it was quite shocking for me, I liked him. I didn't care for any of these things. And I just thought of letting these small things go. Because actually, he had not lied to me. I never asked him earlier if he was from Harvard university or not. So now I knew the guy properly. Our meeting was very short and casual. I went back to my hostel. I couldn't stop myself from thinking of him. I didn't know if it was attraction or love. But I was happy. I was smiling a lot for the first time after coming to a new place. The next thing turned my life around. 

It was 2 am and we were still chatting on WhatsApp. At about 3 am, my life changed. "I love you" he texted. It was a moment of silence. I was shocked. But... Yes I was happy. "I love you too" was my reply. It may be weird to believe this, but it's true. And these four words were the mistakes that shattered my life. 

As usual, the new love was beyond beautiful. As I woke up in the morning, I received lots of pics from him. The pics had my name written with rose petals. I felt like I was the luckiest girlfriend ever. 

Every day was a dream I was living in. But all these things happened just in two months of time since we became friends. Valentine's day arrived. I expected something special from him. But he said he doesn't like these days. Because he had some bad memories about it in the past. I was sad, but I was ready to adjust. 

Slowly he shared everything about his past. Our conversations started to be about his past only. Every time we spoke, it was all about his relationship, how she cheated him, how much he still loves her, how much close they were, what kind of relationship they had. I used to hear everything and console him whenever he broke down. But I was very weak in consoling myself. It was hard for me to hear how much my boyfriend still loved his ex-girlfriend. 

Still, I was with him all the time. I made him a greeting card with all my efforts. Yes, it was handmade. He liked it a lot. He held my hands and said "I love you a lot, I love so much". He was very happy. I thought I will get my smiling boyfriend back soon. And it happened. Everything was fine now.  

The only thing that used to kill me was, whenever I asked him to meet, he would give excuses and would agree after a lot of requests. He had a habit which I didn't like, he used to talk with girls from Facebook. Although he had stopped this, he was in contact with the girls earlier he was talking to. There was a girl named "Reema" who called very often, even whenever we were hanging out together. 

He used to go aside and pick up her calls. It was quite weird, but I didn't want to interfere in his personal life. Although it was not his but our life, I remained silent. I just asked him once to decrease the time of calling with that girl and he agreed.  

He treated me like his princess. He never gifted me anything, not even chocolate, but I never minded it. For me, love was never defined with gifts. For me, love was defined with a lot of care. I flooded him with gifts. He loved surprises. Although he never asked me what I loved to do. 

I was usually very happy with him. Often, the comments of Reema on Maan's pics killed me. I didn't like both of them talking. She used to comment as if she was more than just a friend. We had fights over this, but every time he would dominate with his emotional past. Whenever I used to comment in his photos, he would scold me telling that his relatives are watching and would doubt. I would silently agree. 

Once, I was browsing my Facebook account as usual. Suddenly popped out a message in my messenger. It was from "Reema". She wrote "How do you know Maan?". Maan had warned me not to reveal about our relationship to anybody, as he was very popular, and it will be a problem for him. His reason was genuine, so I obeyed. I texted back "Why?". She texted back "You tell me how you know him?"  

I was like "Why are you asking?". What she replied next left me shattered. Her reply made my life take a 360-degree turn. "I am his girlfriend" she texted. I was shaken to the depth of my heart. I was left lifeless. I was just breathing but had no sense. I felt like I fell down from a cliff into a deep ocean. I had lost the most precious part of my life. My trust was broken. The reality of Facebook love was in front of me. The magical love story turned into my worst nightmare. I took a deep breath and wrote "He is my boyfriend." She was shocked too. 

She forwarded me her number and asked me to call her back. I called her. We spoke for a long time. She said they were going to meet the day next and their love story started on Facebook only. The most shocking thing I heard was that they got committed the same day when I got committed with him. 

The person whom I loved with all my heart, had cheated me like anything. Yes we both loved each other, but the only difference was, his love was fake and mine was true. He was playing around and I was serious. Then she cut the call. After five minutes I got a call from Maan. As soon as I received it, the first thing he said was, "How dare you interfere in my life? Who are you to come between my life? Why did you talk to Reema?" The next thing he told was beyond my expectations. "You call Reema and say that you lied to her. You tell her that there is nothing between us. You only love me and want to separate Reema from me, so you did it" I was already in tears, he made me break down more. His fake love made me hate my life. 

I called Reema and spoke the truth about whatever he said me. Reema broke up with him, blocked him and left him. Now he was left with no options and came back to me. He said "I love both of you and want to stay with both of you". Is it even logical? 
Reema didn't pick up my calls. Meanwhile, I was still with Maan, the guy who cheated me like anything. He asked me for a second chance. I couldn't forget those days of my life. I cried continuously for 5 days. I was in a great depression. Yes I gave him a second chance. 

My board exams arrived and my 12th was complete. Now I returned to my hometown. Distance did the leftover thing. His presence was the reason I couldn't leave him, although he was a traitor. Finally, after one year of relationship, I broke up with him. 
He pleaded me a lot to stay back. But, whatever he had done with me was unforgettable. Although I had given him a second chance, he never proved that he deserved it. Yes, I was the one who broke up with him, and I am very happy now.  

It took time for me to get over it, but I was fortunate to have a shoulder of support of my best friend for me. "Aryan", my best friend, whom I met in my college, in just six months showed me how much strong his friendship was for him. He consoled me during my breakup. When everyone was against me, he was standing with me. And now it's one and a half years after my breakup and I am committed with Aryan. I am very happy with him.

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