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After All The Humiliation She Made Me Suffer, She's Giving Me Agony During My Pregnancy Too

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I choose to share this story with all of you as I am one of those females who has been wishing for a silver lining in her dark clouds ever since I got married. Like every other girl, I too was excited to get married and had dreamed of a peaceful life with an understanding husband who can relate to my feelings and give respect to my family as well. But my fate had other plans, it was all exactly the opposite of what I had imagined.

Things changed overnight for me just immediately after we took the 7 vows. When I reached my husband's house, he immediately went to sleep without even looking at me or asking me if I would need any directions or help. I felt so helpless and had the fear of a new place where no one even offered me a place to sit or water to drink.

I was left all alone among new faces at the door of the room when I had not even changed out of my bridal attire.

A few days later, we went on our honeymoon where only he could call his parents and siblings and I was not supposed to call mine. I was not even offered to talk to my parents and siblings as it was an International call and it would cost abysmally higher to talk to them. Few months passed, with lots of adjustments and whims and fancies of my in-laws. After about 11 months, I shared few concerns with my husband on which I was yelled at and was abused along with my family members. That made me just realize that I had picked a wrong topic of discussion.

After that, I was stigmatized in the family as the most quarrelsome person and to add to my woes, my husband started physically abusing me also. Further, in the due course of time, a news about the problem in my husband's fertility level broke out due to which there was a rare possibility of us starting our family. Within few days the problem became so big that all the frustration related to it was being poured out on me, with me being the culprit and victim of the cause.

This made me so furious one day that after a quarrel, before my husband could begin with the physical abuse I had beaten him and called my parents to come and take me.

After this incident, his parents filed a police complaint and threw all my stuff outside their home. They bribed even the policemen to not to help me or my family. They made false allegations on me that I had eloped from home and I had taken their gold belongings along, of which I had no clue. With the help of a lawyer, we got our stuff back and that even forced my husband's parents to take back their false complaints.

My parents and I made provision for my stay at a paying guest house. I felt so broken and depressed at this point of time that the circumstances even made me think of ending my life at times.

One month later, I managed to gather myself and along with my parents, on persistence request of my husband and in-laws, reconciled with my husband accepting all the negativities. But, the condition still remains the same. However, with God's grace I have become pregnant and with my miracle baby on its way, I am still bearing all the abuses of my husband and in-laws.

My mother-in-law tells my husband that I am just acting out things and no pregnant lady undergoes any pains except labor and there are no hormonal changes and mood swings expected in pregnancy.

Ladies, I am writing to request all of you to stop creating problems in other ladies’ worlds and raise your kids, especially boys, with sensitivity towards women specifically to pregnant women. This would only make you draw blessings from her and her baby who is in the process of entering a new world full of dreams.

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