You Can't Keep Your Life Together If You Keep Fighting For Equality

Human @heart Human @heart in Bakkar. Chai. Sutta on 26 December, 2017

Men or women, who came first? I’m glad to say, that I’m not going crazy thinking about this, but the current atmosphere around me, is making me wonder. There’s so much about feminism going on around right now, but at the same time, I have no clue what exactly feminism is and who feminists are.

Sometimes, I feel females are more hypocritical based on their situations and comfort zone. We are fighting for equality, but is it necessary? Why is it so difficult to understand that we are all different genders? Our body structures are entirely different; as our strengths and our weaknesses. Our outlook towards life, towards viewing our surroundings, it’s entirely different. If we are looking for equality and similarities, then there should have just been one single gender. What I’m writing here, may not be liked by many, but this is just what I feel.

The way the male gender has been generalized, based on the way they behave and act, even if it’s not true… this is all generalization. I am saying this because I have heard men say, well not just men, but women as well, for all those professionally acclaimed females that for them, it was a “cake walk, through the bedrooms of the men at higher levels”. How true is this? And on another hand, how fair is this? Women have to go through these allegations, but what about the men?

I am not denying that these things happen, I’m sure they do, but how often? So far, I’ve understood after being in a professional world, that there are many people who do support hard-working individuals and push them to do their best, and then there are some, who can simply and only, just be a jealous critic. Men and women are two beautiful and diverse genders. I fail to understand why women want ‘equality’. Why do they constantly feel that they are inferior to men? I want to scream this out to all the women reading this: YOU ARE NOT!

Women have the ability to go through monthly menstrual pains which show us that we have a healthy and reproductive system. We can bear a child in our womb for nine months and then go through the severe pain of bringing life into this world. We have the ability to provide emotional comfort.

We can multitask; we are beautiful creatures of God. Then why do we fail to appreciate our strengths, in being ‘women’? Why are we fighting over something which isn’t mature? And now, we are fighting for equal rights, for the respect we deserve, then I must say, that we need to respect our own self. We don’t need to beg for respect from others. Do your deed, stand out of the crowd, be yourself and respect others. Pamper yourself, love yourself and forget about the world.

Stop expecting because that only brings anxiety in yourself. I love being a woman: I love being a daughter, I love being a sister, I love being an aunt. I love being a student, a mentor; I love to be me. I work on taking up constructive criticism and laugh it off when it’s demeaning.

There’s one fact that is well accepted by me: if men are good and doing one thing, then the women are good in another. They are two sides of a scale, that must work together to stay balanced. Let us all cheer for our individualism, uniqueness, and capabilities. Male or female, we are all humans. All we need to do is be aware of our existence and our purpose in life.


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