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Why Punish Children For Silly Mistakes If You Can't Make Them Responsible For The Big Ones?

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Our future lies in our children's hands and you know how kids like to play dirty and we as parents or as watchful guardians, let them. We don't correct them when they are wrong and wait for them to realize on their own, and instead of helping them out, we scold them when they do exactly what their age allows them to do. Tell me honestly, how many times have you scolded your children because they jumped the red light, or crossed the railway crossing before it opened? Do you think their life has a null value? You are busy counting their silly mistakes which won't matter. They break a glass, they get beaten up and when they break someone's heart, you don't even talk about it, let alone punish them.

If children are getting spoilt, it's not because of the presence of television, but the absence of values imparted to them in childhood. Spend time with your children, with your siblings, and teach them the impact of bad habits and they'll thank you for the rest of their life.

Don't spoil your children by giving them everything they want. Don't raise them with money, but with principles so that when they grow up they don't put a price tag on people and their emotions. You try to give them a better life than you had when you grew up, but by giving them everything without any struggle, you're raising a bunch of branded brats. Give them the gift of hunger so that they appreciate the food they receive. Give them the gift of deprivation so that they appreciate the luxury they live in. And lastly, give them the gift of darkness so that they appreciate how lucky they are to have you.

Give them everything they need, not everything they want. Keeping them noble has its own challenges and challenges inspire creativity. If you really want to give your children a better life, give them eternal support and never-ending confidence. Give them values, principles and love. Make them strong enough to survive in the evil world, but don't make them so hard that they stop seeing the good things too. Give them skills and knowledge so that they can provide food on the table. Give them a life, not a mere lifestyle.

Don’t buy them a jet plane, rather give them the wings to fly. Make your child independent, as you have made yourself. He’s one of you, he can do it. All you need to do is to trust them.

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