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Why Is My Partying As A Married Woman Judged When The Same Doesn't Happen For A Man?

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*For representational purpose only.
  • F#@k you!
  • So you drink and you party and that’s how you will raise a kid??? THAT! It stops me there because I just feel that am I a criminal that I am partying?

  • Maybe I am. As someone, who has been on his own, if that’s what you feel like, that’s what it is. I love you. But what you just said about me, was inappropriate and astonishing . Because, I can’t stop partying, I am judged whenever I do, for being perceived as irresponsible and then directly as someone who can’t raise kids.

  • First, let’s have kids. Let’s actually give birth. Then, let’s talk about how we want it. You, being a hypocrite you are. Being outspoken as you are, say loose things like Tumse na ho payega.. F@#k you! mujhse hi ho pyega!

So, basically a guy likes to put his insecurities on you and his pressures on you, and say that you are incompetent. Please believe yourself first then believe others and him. He should be last. He wants to hamper your ego and tell you that you’re worthless. It’s okay. 

I say- Be you. Stay strong. And then, be fantastic!

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