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When You Said "You Have Everything, Why Are You Depressed?" Is The Moment He Died

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Yes, depression is real! Don't you dare let people believe it's not!

We all are well aware of the sudden, shocking death of the young actor Sushant Singh Rajput. That's the only thing circulating on social media right now. People suddenly sharing posts about mental health awareness, some blaming the year 2020 for depression, and so on.

This will probably go on for a week or so, then, what next? Is society really supportive of people suffering with mental health issues? Or is it just come to light because it's someone famous and will fade away with time?

The real reason for his death may be debatable- if it was depression or a conspiracy, but it's high time that we take mental health seriously! Depression doesn't see the class of a person before it strikes, nor the year!

The rate of depression is increasing and going unnoticed too. Why so? Why is mental health treated differently from physical health? Is it not the same? If the body can break down, can't the mind too?!

The symptoms of depression are often looked as sadness, because yes, they have certain things in common, but aren't the same. Just the same different kinds of flu have similar symptoms but different impact and outcomes. Tell me something, if someone coughs on you today, will you brush it off as a "weather change" issue? Won't you worry if it's the coronavirus or not? Depression is the same. Not only depression, but other mental health issues too. They impact different people differently! In the same way how physical illness depends on the immunity and varies from person to person!

It's time we educate ourselves with what depression really is. We should remember that depression and the reactions caused by it are not voluntary! No, people with depression don't overthink on purpose! They don't deliberately become low or feel sad! So society, you can please stop saying, "Oh you are just overthinking! Or I've been through worse, just get over it! Or this matter is too small to be depressed over! Or I have no idea why are you so depressed, you have everything!" Please stop! Stop being insensitive!

It's true, you may fail to understand what the person is actually going through, but that's not a reason to be insensitive. If you can't offer any comfort it's better to remain silent rather than bring down an already broken person! You never know if that last break may lead them to the same step of ending their life!

It's time we accept people as they are, time to embrace the fact that mental illness exists too, and there's nothing wrong or shameful about it! It's nothing to be laughed at or thought of something that's incurable! Just like any physical illness, mental illness is treatable and curable too. Yes, talking helps, sharing your thoughts and pouring your hearts out to loved ones. But at times, that's not enough. At times you need professional help too, and there's nothing to be ashamed of! See the help you need, just as you would do if you had a fever or a fracture! Some say, don't think about it and you won't feel it! Well, unfortunately, our brain doesn't have that button to press that makes depression vanish, so don't let that lie bring you down!

Society, it's time we offer the same love and support for people suffering from mental issues as we do for those suffering physically. They already have a lot that they are going through, suffering the battle in their mind silently trying to show that they are fine. The last thing they need is to hear something insensitive!

Let's help them fight their battle. Let's create a supportive and friendly environment for them. Let's make it normal to speak about it openly. Let's make it easier for them to seek the help and care they need. All you know, we together may save many lives!

PS: The loss of Sushant Singh Rajput will not be easy to accept. May his family find the peace that they need.

And to the others, we lost to depression, sorry for being insensitive. We will try and get better.

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