When You Fall In Love Again, Don't Ever Forget These Big Small Things

Anonymous Anonymous in Bakkar. Chai. Sutta on 25 June, 2018

Where did your heart go? People cross all sorts of boundaries with the one they love because love knows no bounds. Sometimes, we assume we can do everything for them because we love them and that's where we are wrong. We love the way we want to love, not the way they want to be loved. People want their space, their comfort. Privacy too. There will be clashes as you both inevitably want different things from each other.

Sometimes you'll be wrong, sometimes she'll be right, but if you put great efforts, certain things happen against all odds. Love and hurt travel together, we should know that.

We should not be expecting sunshine without facing the storms. Loving her wasn't your choice in the first place, rather, she made you fall in love with her, by her little gestures, beautiful words, and a thousand more things. She took a step back when you were taking a step forward. Not only it made you look stupid, but it made you feel vulnerable and afraid because anything in excess is a poison, including love: especially love.


This is all I'd say about loving someone one-sided. The point is, we don't choose who we fall in love with. Promising yourself that you shouldn't love her because it hurts your heart is as effective as promising yourself that you shouldn't eat chocolates because it hurts your teeth. By remembering the hurtful things she said, and whispering to yourself that they are just words, she didn't mean any of that, there is just one thing I'd like to know, are you kidding me or are you kidding yourself?

You know you can't keep that promise because you've tasted it once and now nothing feels the same. You'll eat chocolates eventually, and you'll love too, eventually.

Violation of privacy shouldn't be excused because you're in a relationship. Don't cross the lines by violating the ground rules, you have got to respect their privacy even if you love them, and even if they love you back. Being in love doesn't give you the right to do everything which you wouldn't do otherwise. If loving them means dictating how they should live their life, then you are asking them to be your slave not lover. Love doesn't give you the right to tell them how they should live their life. After love, life isn’t the same anymore. But who can say if that’s a good or a bad thing?

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