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We're The Generation That's Into Social Media Relationships And Not Love

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Social Media is a prominent and the biggest foe of relationships today. Envision a time when our grandparents got together. When their relationship got hard, they did not have the luxury to turn to thousands of people in order to feel a false sense of appreciation. After an argument, they could not just pick up the phone and look at the numerous eager and filtered faces who were just around the corner typing witty messages.

The illusion of choice has become the reason for our fall. It has become so easy to overlook what is evident in the process of chasing what appears to be.

Take for example someone who you know has a difficult life, but depicts a colorful life via social media. They are portraying a life that they think people want to see. The long lovey-dovey posts about being with their other half, the selfies, the romantic anniversary collage. We see these things, but what we do not see are the arguments, the drama, and the difficulties that all relationships have.

In the name of successful relationships, people see delusions on social media. They login on various platforms and see all of these supposedly perfect relationships. This leads us to constantly comparing our own relationship to an imaginary standard. In the process, we ignore what goes on behind every person’s life. Social media helps people build a picture of a perfect relationship that does not actually exist. It's equivalent to living in a perfect illusion, where everything is sugar-coated and nice. 

Due to this, people are dunking out of good relationships in search of the perfect social media relationship and #relationshipsgoals, which we will never actually find. We are the united generation, the dissatisfied generation and the generation that finds it astonishingly easy to find love, but almost impossible to keep it.

At the end, we are all nocturnal animals living in a web of lies and in our own fantasy world searching for the ideal relationship. However, what we are missing out is the effort it takes to hold onto a relationship.

“When you love someone, you work it out. You don’t just throw it away. You have to be more careful with it because you might never find it again.”

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