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This Is Exactly Why You're Failing In Life (Without Realising It)

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There are often moments in life when we have the choice to speak out or to stay silent. Usually people think that staying silent is cowardice and you should speak out your mind. But what if there are situations where staying silent requires more courage? It’s easier to decide if you have clarity on consequences, but mostly we are made prisoners of our dilemmas. And then in our moments of uncertainty, we look out to everyone for their opinions to validate our judgments.

Speaking out does not mean that it will always solve your issue. But yes, it does often bring clarity. And that clarity frees us from a lot of mental torture and forces us to look forward, even if we are not necessarily happy.

Our silence may sometimes help us keep our fears hidden, our failures unseen, and our guilt hushed up, to maintain our dignity. In some cases, it might even work for us and the consequence will be of our choice by default.

Shah Rukh says in 'Dear Zindagi', that genius is about knowing when to stop, but isn’t it the point where the dilemma starts? When you are at the start or the end, things are easy to decide. It's only when we reach near the "knowing to stop" point, the actual problem starts. Being on this side of the stop line is where we know consequences and the impact. It’s the other end that is the land of possibilities, achievements, or maybe fear of failure. Maybe years later, we may be happy that we did not cross the line and stopped at the correct point. But then, isn’t our life a series of butterfly effects where every action, no matter how minute, leads to a different consequence? Then how can we be sure of preventing something when it might not have happened in the first place?

I guess what I am trying to say is that, the dilemma is hard to solve. Even if we want to be more comfortable and validate things, we may seek the opinion of others, but the choice to go beyond or stay within the stopping line is a choice which should be made by us, no matter how difficult or how threatening.

After all, choices should be about bringing the freedom to listen to ourselves and not make us a prisoner of perceptions around us.

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