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This Is Exactly How You Let A Person Affect You

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What is love, relationship, commitments? All these questions might scare some of us. Perceptions may differ. Some of us might think that being in love is the best feeling ever. Love is something you can't find overnight. Finding true love takes you through a lot of obstacles.

To overcome these obstacles is the key to make you stable and strong. Some people find their love in a single go. Some people may take a longer time.

Few may like the feeling of being in a relationship. It is more like you have a person who is going to be there for you, a person you can talk to, a person you would call up at 3 am because you miss him/her. It may feel as though everything is perfect. What else do you want in life?

But when you break up with your beloved, your world turns upside down. Your thoughts change completely, you start having the weirdest thoughts ever in your mind. It feels as if nothing could be tougher than this.

Why does one person affect us so much? Maybe because we let them do that. Relationship is something where one has to go through ups and downs. Your partner might be over protective and when you act the same way, he/she might say that you are intruding into their private space.

Then you realise that you have just been fooled for nothing. Realise it soon than being too late. Couples do have a commitment issue. But what is a commitment? For some it maybe that 'in the future we have to marry him/her'.

Some may have a different thinking. But if one thinks practically, the answer isn't difficult at all. It just means being loyal to a person you are with. If a person cannot be loyal, he isn't worth it. People will come and go and you might let them affect you. But ask yourself, is it actually worth it? You have a number of other problems to deal with. Be happy and spread happiness all over.

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