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This Angry Soldier's Message About The 'Ungrateful Nation' He's Willing To Die For Will Hit You Hard

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The entire nation is asking when will the army launch into battle. I, as an artillery officer serving the Indian army, would like to take the privilege of making a confession here.  

Incidents like the Nagrota attack are happening everyday, some get reported, some don't. But, not too surprisingly, this 'outrage' will die down in a couple of hours, may be minutes. Still, no one will ever ask when the army will receive their entitled dues that has been denied to them for so many years. Nobody will fight for us, why should they? It's our duty, not theirs.

I get it. War will provide them with some entertainment, something to shout about, an opportunity to wear their so-called patriotism up their sleeves for a while to look good to the people they want to impress.

On the other, more freezing side, a few hundreds, or more, of soldiers will keep dying. Just like Major Kunal Gosavi, Lance NK Kadam, Sepoy Ragwender and many more soldiers who died today in Nagrota and die everyday for the country. But then, they are other people, right? A statistic to flash on screens, and to shed some cosmetic tears to. And promptly forget when the next cricket match comes along.

And when it is all over, and the danger has passed, the same people will resume their outrage about why the army should not get better pay than policemen, and protests about why soldiers should get "canteen facilities", and how if the govt pays the army their entitled dues then it will have to do it "at the expense of other poor people".

An ungrateful nation will never change its sides.

Well, I am certain that most of you do not know that all army men have to PAY for their own Life Insurance - a hefty sum every month. The government does not insure them, and neither does any Public Sector insurance company! This simple requirement, since obviously all of us soldiers need life insurance, has forced the army to create the Army Group Insurance Fund (AGIF) with monthly contributions made by the soldiers themselves. You see, we love our families as much as you do, just not more than our motherland, fortunately or unfortunately. 

"God helps those who help themselves." This nation surely ensures that for soldiers "helping themselves" is the only available option.

And YET they risk their lives constantly, for the security of this nation.

Here is an officer who gave away his family's laughter today while looking after our country's borders. Take this thought with you to bed tonight. May your nightmares be pleasant. 

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