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The Sons Can Leave Their Parents For A Change And Let Us Women Have A Happy Married Life

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Hi, I belong to an upper-middle-class family. I have done my masters and I am working in a good company. I got married last year to a man who belongs to a different caste. His parents are not as educated as he is. I lived in a nuclear family with my mom, dad and elder brother. My husband is the only child of his parents. So I thought that there won’t be any issue as we have only 4 members in the family including me.

Within a few days of marriage, my mother-in-law insulted me and shouted at me for some work, and it was not even my fault.

Then again within a few days, she told me that I should prepare food for all members. I had to be mindful of his father when cooking because he was a medical patient, so he prefers to eat food like we get in the hospital, that is simple food.

After working for 9 hours, she expected me to do all the household chores and cook food for 4 people.

She would rest all day at home. I told her to hire a helping woman so that she could finish everything, but she didn’t want to. My husband also agrees with all these things, which annoys me. Today’s generation is not as it was before, who would stay bound within the four walls of the home.

My mother-in-law always says "Beta isko apna ghar hi samaj lo", but I say, “Jis ghar main meri chalti hi nahi wo ghar mera kaise ho sakta hai?” Also, when I was getting married, they told my parents, “Wo humari beti jaisi hain.”

Would they have made their daughter work like this? What are these families thinking when they make such false promises? Doesn’t the daughter-in-law of the house deserve any respect? Why can’t a daughter-in-law make any decision without their consent? Are you getting your son married off to a girl only for doing household chores?

I say that there should be a law that the husband and wife should stay alone without their parents. Why should only girls should sacrifice her parents when the guy gets to live with his?

Daughters are also children of their parents. They also have the right to live with their parents. Why does such a kind of tradition exist in our society and when our in-laws change?

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