Only My Phone Knows How I'm Slowly Losing My Memory

Anonymous Anonymous in Bakkar. Chai. Sutta on 2 October, 2017

Attention! Attention! I have an announcement to make. *ahem*

Memories are changing!

Yes, not only from 16GB to 32 GB expandable, it's also changing the way information is stored. We are closing into 2020 and yet with the technology emerging, we are attaching external hard disks to our minds rather than using the best gift of nature- Our Brain!


Why are we attaching ourselves to Google Drive and Facebook more instead of cleaning up space in our own hard disk? Are we trapped in the world of ease and technology so much that I need to reset password most of the times when I log into my Gmail account? We have always been experts in handing over our mental tasks to others. “Could you please remind me to wish my colleague on his birthday?“, “Will you please tell me who that guy I just met is because I forgot his name?”, “Damn, I forgot to pay the bill, remind me in evening” – All these have turned into the reminder notifications that display in our EverNote app!

Have we lost the ability to remember these trivial things and instead, made a habit to keep inventing new apps just to off-load responsibilities? I wonder.

We treat our mobile phones these days, more like a human – a partner. It has it all, it knows it all. When is your friend’s birthday, what is your wishlist of clothing, what is the amount to pay your friend for the movie ticket you just bought today? One click – one login to Facebook and you get connected to all those known and unknown faces and get to know their life events. Of course, we are happy, we are proud! How brilliant we have become. Yet, when you think about your Mother’s Birthday-Birth Year or her educational qualifications, you stumble because she is not on Facebook!

Is this the life we actually had to be in? Have we been living in a world with the mobile-screens or do we have more life than that? Why is there more sympathy when your friend’s mobile is lost than when the street dog died? Are we embarrassed to ask our neighbours/friends/fellow passengers for the help? Do we really love Google Maps more than our friends? If so, then there is not much time left before you click on a captcha and say “I am not a Robot“!

I totally think social media is messing with our relationships. Within a limit, everything is good. But when are we ever going to think that social media is enough? Our brain cells are dying faster and I have no idea why we're forcing ourselves to mentally age faster. Why aren’t we more concerned about the mind-ageing cream than those slimming solutions that are always in trend? Is technology counter-intuitive to inner beauty?

Indians who have been using Brahmi as the Brain Tonic, now need to Google what that is. Technologies are for the non-trivial work that our brain cant process/store. It shouldn’t be that technology is our new brain and we just plug in our brain to support our thoughts! A little less of Evernote, a little more of asking that passenger, a little more of a good brain workout to remember that fella’s name whom you studied with, fewer sticky notes for your grocery shopping list. I'm not at all an anti-tech, well I use most of it! Yet, I also ponder about my own memory that has been affected in the recent past.

I forget more stuff than I did when I was in college. You may say it’s the overwhelming responsibilities that are making me forget, but what will I do if that data from my phone is erased? Which memory of me is helpful to restore all that I lost? Will I plug in a new external hard-drive on SkyDrive and forget the password again or will I want to expand my internal memory to be back like in the old times?

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