Oh My God, Life Is So Unfair! But When Did You Do Anything About It?

Anonymous Anonymous in Bakkar. Chai. Sutta on 17 June, 2018

Actually, we can now see a lot of difference in the way a man behaves, and a woman behaves by the way they act in day to day life. It’s not considered safe or acceptable for a woman to roam around at night on her own. It is not considered acceptable for a woman to outshine a man in matters of brain power and physical strength.

I have observed that a woman herself is the cause for all the troubles that she is facing in this country (let’s just talk only about our nation).

Many of you will consider me from the same category of those politicians who blame women for everything wrong happening to them because of their dress or lifestyle. But I will bring out the core matter that I have observed in women who are in the age group of 20-30. The women themselves give all the power to men in their life. Right from the decision of which college they will go to, what course they will take up, what job they want to do, whom they will marry. A girl is heavily dependent on her father, brother or male friends for her security and safety. On most of the occasions, they rely on the men in their lives to pick them up from some place or get dropped to some place or go and check how the college or workplace is and give their opinions. When it comes to marriage, it is a man's responsibility to provide a house and a car. It is his responsibility to earn more money and fulfil the needs of a woman. This is how a woman looks at a man, she analyses her financial security. This is the mindset of the entire society. Women put men in the driver seat. Isn’t it obvious that under these circumstances you are declaring that you are weak and will always be dependent?

I am yet to see a woman who can physically defend herself or at least willingly take up a self-defense class and be responsible for her own safety.

I'm yet to see a woman who wants to be with a man who is not doing a proper white-collar job and earning in 6 figures. I'm yet to see a woman who is willing to take the major part of the financial responsibility on her shoulders in a marriage. I’m yet to see a woman who doesn't succumb to the parental and societal pressure to get into a marriage. I'm yet to see a woman who has her own dreams and is trying to follow them. Well, I have one friend who is here already but then the vast majority are not and are living by just waiting to get married.

Then you say men dominate you. Apparently, they consider you the weaker sex and get their way with you. That's what you have been doing to yourself since many years.

It is you who have made yourself weak and dependent. I don't know how many of you women out there will understand this. I wish to see at least one woman (not any celebrity) who is self-dependent and chooses her life, her dreams, her love on her own terms.

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